20 May, 2010

My reflections on certain Quotes

 When you are in doubt what people will think while expressing yourself  in words, actions or writing remind yourself that  :

If you wake up with a dream that sounds too good to be true or silly, pat yourself and be proud that you are using god given gift of thinking, for no dream comes randomly, it’s a thought in your conscious/subconscious mind. We would have been on horses than cars if someone did not imagine in different way. Remind yourself that:

Often we compromise with our situations for the sake of responsibility, money and pleasure but Your soul will never buy it! It’s okay to get driven by impulse sometimes.  Remind yourself that:

The worst you can do is to judge someone in a good spirit.  Your pessimistic thought affects the aura of good the other person is trying to achieve.  Remind yourself that:

In the materialistic world we love to adore ourselves with makeup, perfumes, and clothing but never see yourself incomplete without them. For it is You who carries them. Remind yourself of this wonderful Quote:

Finally, something from my Pen,

May God Bless You all with abundance of Health, Wealth but most importantly Intellect and Heart to live as human beings and make this journey of life worth living!

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