13 June, 2010

Pinnacles of life

When you are young and under 25,
 Grab whatever the world has to offer to you as the world is all yours!

  • Though the wise have said it is better to give than receive, in practical life who does not want to be at receiving end? This pinnacle of life one of the best one as you are raw like clay and can be molded in all desired forms. You are free from bondings, responsibilities and expectations. Live it!
When you are grown up and under 50,
Offer you best to the world as You are for the world!

  • Once you have received the basics, its your time to offer. This pinnacle of life brings major twists and turns in molding ones personality as one is attached, expected to be responsible and working. It is the toughest pinnacle, but if you lived this phase well, the other two pinnacles will be worth cherishing.
When you are old and under 75,
Count what have offered and what you would like to be offered!

  • So, now you grabbed and offered. Now you have a choice either to offer or grab unlike the above to pinnacles. It is the loneliest phase of life, you don't see the same people nor do you live the same routine as before.
When you are almost under 100,
 Offer yourself to almighty, You have done enough !

  • Ahaa, the ultimate pinnacle. How can you forget the almighty, who has been the source of your life? Praise him, serve him, thank him, devote to him, and if you can't do any of these, just acknowledge his presence in your surrounding and fellow beings.

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