23 May, 2011


As you grow a year older,
Aim as high as an eagle in the sky,
Chase your dreams as cheetah on land,
but remember beyond the sky and land is water,
where the tiny fish still rules the heart with its humbleness.
On the walk of life,
you will meet all sorts of folks
learn new moves from each of them to create your own freestyle.
Rough times and mean people would try to dismantle your inner joy,
Have faith in your beliefs and stay firm to yourself,
As the flower petal in the old book, 
which blossoms at its best, no matter when and who finds it pressed between the pages.


21 May, 2011

Beat the Bush

Don't beat the bush says the english teacher at school, your boss at work and your friends at bar.
If you follow this advice, my friend, you are missing the golden chance of earning money.
 I challenge you beat president Bush in earning $15 million for speaking. 
Don't believe me right? 
Follow this: George W. Bush racks up $15 million in speaking fees - Yahoo! News.
I mean really? Presidents need to be paid for giving speeches to countrymen -Sigh!!!
Now, this is how presidents make six figure income and then we talk of recession and unemployment in the country.

20 May, 2011

Hyped day of 21st may

Here I am waiting every other day to get few extra hours or extra hands+brains to get done with my thesis project in few days. The propensity of me waiting to get the hours extended would be directly proportional with  the few believers of the "Judgement day".

First of all, what judgment are we gonna make? Moreover, who is gonna judge whom and for what?
Are we going to debate over Christ's crucifixion or gonna debate why sinful people still  breathe next to us each day? If that is the case, who doesn't commit sin? You stepping on earth is burden on mother earth, you farting is insulting the pure air,  blah, blah, more on that later.

Or its the day Christ is gonna be reborn and punish the evil doers. In that case, I would be in favor of this day.One because, i really would like to see a live god.  Just for a while, imagine what if the real Jesus looks different than the one shown to us tall, slim and handsome in white loose robes and long beard with the ever shining radiance over his head but looks pretty much like the guy next door. Ahh, then i have trillion $$ plan, just sue all those religious pundits and portrait artists who have eluded us with those characteristics. Two, if Christ is gonna take all the Christians away, what gadget is he gonna use? I can't count beyond three 0's, so i would be really excited to see the mega gadget which lifts all the christian folks. Its the real test of the those mythic serials depicting the arrival of soul. I get to sue those folks too, if it fails!! ( i can see $$$)

 If nothing works according the above plan, i get to laugh at those morons and celebrate my existence. I get to tell my grand kids the story of my immortal soul which survived the "Judgment Day".
I mean really??? You can't even predict the gender of your own child  while in womb without sonogram these days and you can predict the date of last day on earth. Which scientific calculator is that,( if u own one, pass on  to me, so i can earn $$$ predicting ppl's last day)?

So to keep it short, I am really waiting for tomorrow. Either i will be a millionaire or i would  become the immortal survivor.

P.S. People who bother to read my rattles, I can't promise Christ will be reborn, but i am sure of my birthday  on 23rd may. So, we have ample reasons to celebrate.

13 May, 2011

Pan Lilu Joyu ne tame yaad aavya lyrics

P.S.  People who don't know gujarati, this is all you will follow in this post.
And if the title eluded you for the lyrics or apt meaning of the song, all i can say is "Don't blindly trust google for your search results". "Dimag ki batti jalao"

So, lets listen to this  gujarati love song.  
But Ms Sonali Vajpayee,  what do you mean by Pan lilu joyu ne tame yaad avya?
If i translate it word to word;
pan = leaf , lilu=green, joyu= saw, ne = and, tame = you, yaad avya=remembered
So, Pan Lilu joyu ne tame yaad avya means seeing a green leaf reminded me of you.
Can you tell me how does a green leaf remind you of a lover?? With the most creative imaginations I can come up with these analogies:
  • In the most optimistic tone I would assume, You saw Him
    • Tip to her lover: yay! She  just called you the macho man.
  • But, this ain't a perfect world, right?  So, you meant you saw Him. Hmm, interesting.
    • Tip to her lover:  Aww, i am not being mean, but you know you cant sugar coat everytime nor can she.
  • Or  she meant she saw  Him. In the tech savvy world, we understand people's state of mind just by emoticons, wow! what a progress na?
    • Tip to her lover:  If this is the case, dear go grab a pack of donuts. Because, finally she admists you have grown from his horny man to ugly piglet  and now she feels like puking seeing you any more around her.
So, moral of the story is in any case i donot see how this would fit in the "romance" theme of the song and reminds me of this song. Sonali Vajpayee your lilu pan doesnot give me evergreen romantic vibes.
 Mana ki there are very few gujarati songs and movies but that doesnot mean kuch bhi chala lene ka.

05 May, 2011

Shit happens

Its one of those times when you just don't get it! With my recent experience with the best shipping career service "Fedex" I am left with similar bewilderment. Now seeing at the above pic you think its a joke! But trust me shit happens and  this is for real. I am baffled at the following:

  • First, I pay $18 for ground shipping just to our so called neighboring country, Canada ( Really??) You wouldn't consider a Canadian as international person, but hell ya if it is a parcel.
  • Chalo, time is of essence so i paid it. But, it delivered back to my address and fun part is i don't see the shipment except a door tag that was left at my door.  Leave about that, are you telling me the great Fedex needed three freaking days to send the same shipment to original address? Wow!!! I didn't knew fairborn was that big a city!
  • Next, endless waiting on 800-Fedex, i get to know i missed a custom's invoice, so my  question is how can I miss it when I have been to office for it. Ain't it  the attending  clerk's responsibility to make sure all documents were there? How do you expect me to know all the documentation for the shipping?
Amazing and they still haven't figured out where the shipment is. I guess it got wings somewhere in between.


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