13 May, 2011

Pan Lilu Joyu ne tame yaad aavya lyrics

P.S.  People who don't know gujarati, this is all you will follow in this post.
And if the title eluded you for the lyrics or apt meaning of the song, all i can say is "Don't blindly trust google for your search results". "Dimag ki batti jalao"

So, lets listen to this  gujarati love song.  
But Ms Sonali Vajpayee,  what do you mean by Pan lilu joyu ne tame yaad avya?
If i translate it word to word;
pan = leaf , lilu=green, joyu= saw, ne = and, tame = you, yaad avya=remembered
So, Pan Lilu joyu ne tame yaad avya means seeing a green leaf reminded me of you.
Can you tell me how does a green leaf remind you of a lover?? With the most creative imaginations I can come up with these analogies:
  • In the most optimistic tone I would assume, You saw Him
    • Tip to her lover: yay! She  just called you the macho man.
  • But, this ain't a perfect world, right?  So, you meant you saw Him. Hmm, interesting.
    • Tip to her lover:  Aww, i am not being mean, but you know you cant sugar coat everytime nor can she.
  • Or  she meant she saw  Him. In the tech savvy world, we understand people's state of mind just by emoticons, wow! what a progress na?
    • Tip to her lover:  If this is the case, dear go grab a pack of donuts. Because, finally she admists you have grown from his horny man to ugly piglet  and now she feels like puking seeing you any more around her.
So, moral of the story is in any case i donot see how this would fit in the "romance" theme of the song and reminds me of this song. Sonali Vajpayee your lilu pan doesnot give me evergreen romantic vibes.
 Mana ki there are very few gujarati songs and movies but that doesnot mean kuch bhi chala lene ka.


  1. Green leaf signifies great life joy or something, like cracked dry land would mean harsh circumstances?

    Ormay be earlier they had been to a resort with lots of greenery and good memories.

    Or maybe she is a housewife. Leaf does photosynthesis, and is thus a the true 'bread winner' of the treehouse, I mean house, no tree. whatever.

    Or maybe she is one of the subscribers to that claim that 'pan' (which people chew) is an aphrodisiac.

    Or maybe it actually thought of pati from patti.

    Or in a more roundabout way she remembered how he had still not purchased that chai ki patti she had run out of and asked him to buy two weeks ago.

    Or maybe he is a tree-hugger environmentalist/hippie.

    Or maybe the veins on the leaf remind her of his veiny muscles or something.

    Or at other end of spectrum she is reminded by contradiction, what a feckless sukha patta he is.

    Or it is just the general freshness of spring/monsoons, poetically represented by green leaf.

    Again going back to the traditional bread winner theory, it is all about 'hari patti'.

    Or maybe she saw this extreme itch causing leaf and it seemed like the prefect next prank to play on him.

    They met in botany class.

    She remembered their pichhla janam together, when they wore only one or two leaves in strategic locations, as some painters would have us believe. So maybe it has similar memory pattern associations like that ad 'yeh to bada toin hai'

    Being a health buff, he always keeps nagging her to cook more green leafy vegetables.

    Or maybe, just like there are plenty of fish in the sea, he is one of the leaves on the tree.

    Or it reminded her of the greener grass, which is always on his side of the fence. They are neighbours.

    She is Sania Mirza, and he is that Pakistani cricketer.

    She's just after him cos he is a green card holder.

    He is very flexible, almost spineless, just like that leaf.

    The possibilities are endless! Interpret how you want. So yeah that song is a classic abstract art. or something :P

  2. @stupidosaur: *bows* to your imaginations. The point still remains may be that is the case, its not explicit ;)

  3. Kya khaak imagination! Have nothing new to post. Maybe I'll just copy paste this, with some additions :P

    And yes the writer of this song must be great. Like those modernist, impressionists,etc painters. But then what special name do we give to this one a errm...botanist? no heck! never mind.

    And he is probably a monster. So she was reminded of him when she saw leaf like this

    (spam alert! plugging my photoblog :P)

  4. @stupidosaur: ya i can see it from the responses(which you rarely do ;)) that you got nothing to post.
    Your eye of monster is equally abstract to me as the song.


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