12 May, 2015

Dil toh baccha hai ji!

Recently, i visited the town where i did my schooling(college). Gosh! Every little incident, party, class, lab, park, cafeteria, library flashed before my eyes, once i stepped into the campus.
Its been 4yrs, i have been out of school and had never envisioned returning to the
town. It was such an overwhelming experience, tracing back my steps to  the most valuable 6 years of my life. I met my very first roomie out of blue, the present counting is 62. But, very first roomie has her own charm and holds very fond memories in my heart. I was delighted to met her and exchange stories. I also took a moment to meet my mentors and people i worked on campus. Its strange, how i could remember my way to labs and library, see the same old library clerks and feel amused that for good, somethings do not change.

Being in school for that long, you kind of have your favorite hotspots, slowly and deeply i tried to inhale the air within those premises and after spending three hours, i left with a heavy heart. All of a sudden, i could feel myself back into campus.
Luckily, i do know some old friends who are inhabitants of the town, so i visited them. The very first thing they asked me was where would i want to go and out came the response "my swing at dorm". My friends bursted into laughter and took me there. The moment i saw it from parking lot, i was dying to get out and i literally ran towards it once car was parked. I quickly hopped on one of the swings and whoop, wroom, i go along with the wind exerting all the energy i had, way up towards the
sky. This swing has been my companion on numerous occasions while i lived in dorms, may it be an evening where i just needed fresh air, time when i would try to console myself for poor grades, solving conflicts with roommates, parents, friends - in a way it has seen me in my good and struggling times. One thing i knew for sure was once i hoped on it my worries , anxiety flew off and all i was left with a calm, soothe mind to resume my life. I was elated to be back, embracing it again.

Metaphorically- if you think about it, a swing teaches you about life:
Just as you push yourself to sway ahead, you have to move on in life,
paddle yourself little to reach where you want to get, people might
leave you at one point but people who are meant to be, 
will return back to you just like you swing back and forth.
We as mortals would retire to our surroundings, people and place we call home.

If you are in my close knit circle, you probably have heard me say
" swing is my first love" - heart wants what it wants.

My love for you shall never fade, irrespective of my age, position or place.

05 May, 2015

Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar

झुकी झुकी हैं यह नज़रें
केहना चाइए यह नग्में।
नहीं लब्ज़ में बयां कर पाए
जो कहते हैं यह अश्रु में डूबे नयन ॥

मिलते हैं हज़ारों से
मिलाते हैं हाथ सभी से ।
फिर भी ना मिल सके , दिल से !!
नहीं झुकी हैं
यह किसी शरम से।
पर आज झुकी हैं
यह थकन से॥

कहते हैं,
आखों को रूह की खिड़की
खिड़की से दिखते हैं नजारें।
आज झूकी हैं यह नज़रें
इन नज़ारो से॥

कभी मिलो किसी से
तोह मिलो ऐसे !
की दिल की मुस्कान
झलके इन आखों से !!

Jhuki jhuki hain yeh nazrein
Kehna chaiye yeh nagmein
Nahin labz mein kar paye bayan
Jo kehete hain yeh ashru be doobe nayan

Milte hain hazaron se!
Milate hain haath sab se
Phi bhi na mil sake, dil se!!
Nahin jhuki hain
yeh kisi sharam se!
Aaj jhuki hain
Yeh thakan se!!

 Kehte hain
Aakhon ko rooh ki khidki!
Khidki se dikhte hain nazarein
Aaj jhuki hain yeh nazrein!!
Yeh nazaron se.

Kabhi Milo se
toh milo aise
ki dil ki muskan
chalke ankhon se .


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