23 June, 2015

B'day wish!

Changing life events have kept my curious eyes wide open,
Happy events have made me smile more,
Unfair experiences have made me more ripe.
This heart has now been pumping for 28 years, can you tell?
28 years have gone by,
So much, I have waved goodbye with today's sunset.
Awaiting for the better me with the new dawn.
Hopefully, I will radiate, when I leave for my final abode with my words and deeds.
Blessed, I am to still have few people whom i care for and who care for me as well,
whether I know it or not.
They are the sole reason my heart still pumps and yearns for the new experiences through my impulsive and crazy acts, travel, and writings.
So, when I retire,  I can proudly narrate and share my journey with them,
which they just wished for- after all we should all live to cherish.

09 June, 2015

Bheegi si, Behti si

भीगी सी मैं और भीगी सी  मेरी नाव,
अक्सर यह बात करते हैं 
 की हैं एक जैसे हम!

मैंने तुझे बनाया,
और मुझे किसी और ने 
हमें मिटना तोह हैं, एक जैसे!!

फिर चाहैं,  आज मैं तुझे बहते हुए देखू
या कल तू मुझे बहते हुए  देखे
एक दिन बेहना ही तोह हैं!!
हैं एक जैसे हम !

फिर किसी एक शाम को,
मिलेंगे ऐसी ही,
थोड़ी भीगी सी होगी तू  और थोड़ी भीगी सी मैं!!
हैं एक जैसे हम !


02 June, 2015

Filters of Life

If I could use filters in real life,
As i apply on picture,
I would apply the filter of grace
On every female
I would apply the filter of courage
On every male.

If you must adore a female,
Look not at her face.
Look for her grace.
Its a  quality that is rare
radiates when there is peace within.
A peaceful home
Lies in the hands of a graceful female.

If you must choose a male,
Look not at his purse,
Look for Courage.
Its a quality that is rare
reflects when there is strength within.
A strong relation
lies in the hands of a courageous male.


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