29 July, 2011


 Have you tried Laser TagI love playing games outdoor and I love laser tagging as its fun way to take off your stress.  I suggest it for people like me who always have the itch in their parts to try something new. Funny part is, when asked what kind of new or define new, all you would get is an exclaimed face, as if they never uttered this word ever.  

If you like to be a secretive lucy bond,
If you have an itch to kill people or shoot people,
If you are one among those who hate little kids running here and there or shouting their lungs out?
Enough said, am i getting paid for this publicity? 
If you are smart enough, then you should have that on your to do list ;) 

Tagging reminds me I was recently tagged by Vinati and Solitary Writer. Its a questionnaire, which i am guessing is to know how freely a person can express.  Rules for this tag were:
Rule 1: You can only say Guilty or Innocent.

Rule 2
: You are not allowed to explain anything unless someone specifically asks (And is discreet about it :P)  

 Being an organized freak, i have categorized the questions by  answers which are innocent/guilty.  But for fun this tag would make way much sense if you read the two columns  together as before and after effect or cause and effect scenario (well, after all an engineer by heart ;))

1 Kissed one of your Facebook friends

2. Danced on a table in a bar

3. Ever told a lie

4. Had feelings for someone whom you can’t have back

5. Kissed a picture

6. Slept until 5pm

7. Fallen asleep at work/school

9. Been suspended from school

12. Done something you regret

13. Laughed so hard a drink came out of your nose

14. Kissed in the rain

15. Sat on a rooftop

16. Kissed someone you shouldn’t

17. Sang in the shower

18. Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on

24. Eaten cheesecake

30. Dressed in the opposite gender’s clothes

37. Tried to stay away from someone for their own good

38. Thought about murder

39. How about mass murder

41. Stalked someone

42. Been so drunk that you forget things that happened while you were intoxicated?

 8. Held a snake

10. Worked at a fast food restaurant

11. Been fired from a job

19. Shaved your head

20. Slept naked

21. Made a boyfriend/girlfriend cry

22. Donated blood

23. Eaten alligator meat

25. Still love/like someone you shouldn’t

26. Have a tattoo

27. Been too honest

28. Ruined a surprise

29. Erased someone in your friends list
31. Joined a pageant

32. Been told that you’re handsome or beautiful by someone who totally meant what they said
33. Had communication with your ex

34. Get totally drunk one night and you have an important exam tomorrow morning
35. A total stranger treat you by paying your bus/taxi fare?

40. Rode in a stranger’s vehicle

36. Get totally angry that you cried so hard

43. In love

So I guess I am pretty balanced person ;). I believe it would have been more fun if you had to answer how, when, why to all these.

 For people who were eluded to this post, I apologize. I am still trying to make some sense of this, so I don’t blame you if you don’t get it. 

26 July, 2011

Bang Bang

A very thoughtful start of the B week at ABC wednesday with tribute to the incident in Norway.

So, I was thinking, what to post for letter B this week. And as i visit one of my friend's little Baby, i came across the toy which sings the nursery rhymes and i hear the famous rhyme old mcdonald had a farm.  That reminded me of  Britain's got talent participant Erick Reid's version of this rhyme. So he goes with a baaa- baaa - baaa, baa here, baa there, everywhere baa baa. Makes me go Boy-o- Boy.  Do check out his version, which has surely revolutionized the rhyme recitals and baffled all the listeners.

Image Link
Interestingly,  Gujarati which is my native language, Ba refers to grandma. Often one of my friend refers to his elderly office colleague as Ba, and i get puzzle over which Ba he refers to as he stays as a paying guest to an elderly couple (Ba-dada which means grandma-grandpa). More often a toddler whispers Ba as the first word.  Baba in Hindi would mean a saint, little boy or father. Also, "ba-ba" refers to goodbye or outing in toddlers language.

Well, that's all the Blah blah I have for now. Until then Buh-Bye (read ba-ba).

PS: Gujarati and Hindi are one of the many languages spoken in India.

24 July, 2011

Here and There


Hope everyone is in the "pink" of their health. Isn't it strange you think of health when you are ill?
So, its been freaking Hot at my place,  97-110F temperature for 4 days at a stretch. Oh don't give me that eye saying that's normal in India thing! I will bang your head right there.  Its HOT and trust it when an Indian says these two golden words, heat and tan. You can't wrong with those. For proof, i am 4 shades tanner than what i was last week, all thanks to the sun kissed weather, that i barely recognize myself as indian. I feel more like a red or say orange indian.

So, I went to Air Show this weekend. Its a great place to witness "The Men" in uniform. There is something with uniform and girl's fantasy that goes without saying :). If i had the art to sell the curiosity, i would have filled pages about it. So, when i am surrounded with men in blue, white and green (Airforce, Navy, Military) there is an immense flow of joy, pride and discipline in my skeleton that in other places and days would be just a good boy/girl's lookout. Seriously, haven't you felt the same when you are surrounded by such people? I have to admit stars have always fascinated me may it be in the sky, the one my kindergarten teacher gave on my assignment or on the uniform. Ahh, i used to take pride in the increasing # and colors of stars on my Dad's uniform. As a matter of fact, i love those stars on any man, but the feeling of mine ( as my Dad) still outweighs it.  The synchronous march, formulation, salutation, ever longing spirit, mad dash parties, oh boy!!! Just love it, after all who doesn't like dignity, charm and fame? Again, i am the one who gets influence easily, but these Men, make me go woo whoooo!!! So, its a sheer joy to witness these Men even with the skin burning more than the jet bus 750HP exhaust and extending my eyes beyond the 20 degree radar of thunder birds. Oh did i mention, the mimic of Pearl Harbor attack being reenacted was something not to miss.  At this time, i give a damn to the amount $$$ gasoline used for these shows, the pollution created due to artificial bombs and noise pollution. If for this experience, there would drought of gasoline and green house effect  or  some1 gets deaf,  i would still say its Worth IT!!!

I have been to these shows in past, but the company of my beloved friends just makes it a thing to look forward every year. It is in abundance we forget the value of these beloved ones and the quality time we spend with them. I feel nostalgic at the end of such days when am all exhausted and its time to wave goodbye. I just don't wanna stay away from the "wesome" company. Its the charm of friendship, where we join dots out of no where.

This week, i have been mostly focusing winding up my things as i move to a new place next Saturday. Read couple of good Haiku's and other blogger posts that i follow. Sometimes, i just feel, i must read them and forget about putting my thoughts, for their experiences, whines, troubled thoughts make me feel full. Its their whines and lively conversations i feel i have better perspective than when i read books. Again, just my view, book readers, hands up to you!!! Just not my piece of page and read ;) I can't imagine boring my fellow travel mate on flight or Amtrak with an illusive novel and straight face drugged in it, while the mate makes obvious attempts to make some conversation to know me and my fantasies. I can't miss that hall of fame, where people willingly give ear to my outstanding and absolute nothings. I often reconnect with those travel mates, as i am often given visiting cards or contact details after our wesome journey, some have turned good friends over the period and others have just been a lonesome card in the dungeon of my purse. That reminds me, my gregariousness was mistaken by my other travel mate as a call girl last time i planned to travel in general coach while visiting my parents in India. Fun times, well, you know, you can't go right everywhere and with everyone. I had a short panic attack handling the situation, cultural intelligence is something you need to adopt when travelling was my lesson learnt.

19 July, 2011


They say "Necessity is mother of inventions" but in recent times with the abundance that we are surrounded, necessity is out of question/answer. In fact, the step sister of Necessity, the Scarcity takes the vital role today.
Very example is the very old and famous Apple. A is for apple! Adam pursued it and we are still behind it, in this age. Sigh! It reminds me of   Raju Srivastav's joke on progression ;))
So again, i related Apple here because question remains the same, do we need those products??? Necessity was left behind the doors ages ago. I bet 7 out of 10 people who possess these apple products donot know the functions of it. Again applies to any new device, not necessarily apple. There is a Gujarati proverb, "Bole aena bor vhechai" ( meaning: one who speaks will sell good).

Recently, I came across this Article barack-obama-is-officially-the-baby-whisperer. Really!!! 
Same is the case when yahoo or other news channels  reports similar Y lead to X crap. Sadly, it is not the case. I was taught in statistics class, correlation is a gimmick used by media to elude people.  But as they say, show some reasoning to dumb assess and even a bummer can be a prince!!!

Coming back to media who misleads the Janta (public) by misusing the correlation statistic;  please, please revise your lessons. I can correlate Govinda and Hrithik's( those are bollywood actors) dance movements but that does not necessarily prove they have the same skill sets and so to say anything in this damn world can be correlated, for "beauty belies in your eyes" ;)

16 July, 2011

No strings attached- come away with me III

Hi there,
As I mentioned, I have been travelling and relocating to a new place pretty soon. I feel great relief  flowing through my eyes and spine when I return to my abode. As they say nothing feels as great as it feels at home. What is to be at home? Is it the welcome door mat, the pure aroma of spices in kitchen, the laughter in rooms, the flat screen plasma, the murmurs behind the doors, the luxurious bed, the tiny patio facing the sea, that makes you feel at peace? Its the overall effect of being with ourselves and with the surrounding, dear ones that we cherish. A home captures the memories of several "first moments" and sentiments while we take shelter and foster ourselves in it. When life seems gray and haunting we seek solace in our tiny room of home, no matter how big it is, no matter where it is located or how much it costs.

Been six years i have been to the place i am at present. Still it amuses me each time, I feel I have known it. As my life demands progression, I am moving with new set of goals and objectives. Never, until now it occurred to me, how life outside this place would be.  Not, that I never wished to be outside the small town, but feel heavy within to wave it goodbye.  How do you say Goodbye to something you have hold on to be what you are right now?  Is it so easy to loosen those strings attached with you?

Treading mysterious life,
loosening the Strings attached;
Summons other Fall.

As travel is on my mind, I recollect the wording of the song from Metallica .

A right to copy but copy a right thing

We are in 2011 and Begging and Borrowing is out of question. So STEAL.
Yes i mean it, steal, copy, loot.
So, this is the post i mentioned for copyrights in my previous post.
Recently, on my spree of blog shopping (my enriched vocab ;)) I came across lots of blogs with copyrights and plagiarism bans on them.
Some have gone to the extreme of threatening the readers of the blog, saying "if you take anything from this blog you will be hunt down and legal actions will be followed".
            My take on that: Yeah right!!!! How about i never write it but keep making money giving speeches which will never make it to web?
Some are kind enough to put it as a request.

My question is why????

1. You are writing a blog not a  personal diary, so obviously you wanted to share your opinions, now what difference would it make if the person referred your post or not??
2. If you don't agree to point 1 and say i just wanted to publicize my view, darn, revise your definition.
3. Yes, i would give it if you are the "writer" who makes living out of these blogs, you have very right to protect the copies. I would not kick your ass for that.
4. If you are not on point 3, I give a damn to your warnings. 
Remember, your mother asked you not to pick nose in public, not be friendly with random girls/boys, not to overeat candies, not to watch pirated stuff. How much of it did you follow? 
Anu malik, Himesh, Indian serial makers, and endless lists have done so, go hang them first. 
Again human psyche is such that it would do whatever it is asked not to do. This is called "Risk" by the way ;)
I remember a badge saying " Everything I learnt in life was from Banned books"
5. I am declaring here, unless you have anything substantial and valid reason for me not to pass your ideas further, i will reiterate those. It is not a academic or technical information, common. 
If it is, go scribble on your walls and diaries or better frame it in  gold and put it in a black Jewel box like your grandma did. 
If the www prefix is attached to your blog post/picture or w/e, you shall understand it means you are are authorizing  Whatever  you put on web  full access to Whosoever  irrespective of Wherever they may be. 
6. And if you were that smart,you could have endorsed your name or logo on those possessions, created flash of pics, tied with copyright sites or avoided copying those by any trick. There are few smart asses who have all that time for that too. Again, that means you are more into being a secretive Lucy/Bond than conveying your creativity. 
7. Above all, why hide if your idea is worth sharing? Even if people use it, it means they liked it and are doing free publicity of your idea. Have some faith in "What goes around comes back".
 Its Your idea and though they may have a momentary fame of claiming it to be theirs, they can't reproduce the same creativity .
 Remember the parable where a crow attached a peacock feather to be considered as peacock,but ends up being neither a crow or peacock.
8. You are THE ONE. No one can take away the YOU from yourself.  
As energy, Talents can never be created, transformed  nor can be copied or plagiarized, Period!!!

So, anyone who is reading this, be least bothered. If you feel like sharing this or whatever i post on my blog, you are most welcome to do so ;)
 Please don't give the shit of plagiarism, i had enough of it for my academic integrity courses and BTW, none of the above is plagiarized :)), its solely mine.
Enough said.
Cheers, now get to looting, kahin moka haath se na chala jaye.

PS:  People who find  their content is plagiarized on my posts may redirect their complains at http://www.google.com/blogger_dmca.html. 
BTW, that's one of the blogger policy in case you ever bothered to read it (*faints*)

12 July, 2011

Come away with me II

This week, well you might say its just Tuesday. So you can imagine how occupied I have been that i can't wait for sunday to come.  Sundays make me nostalgic and what not :) Its surely time to get some more banked Zzzzz's  which makes one of the most important factor in my ABC ( Z is ABC Wednesdays letter this week, btw).  That reminds me of the pic I mentioned in earlier post  of come away with me.
So, here is why, I found it amusing. Notice the description at the beginning of the video.
Common link between the pic and Video remains vermilion and wake(awake if you please) man
Also,  there is unusual numerical significance to the sign.
Cosine of 60(degree) = 1/2

10 July, 2011

Blue Eyes

Those Blue eyes and labyrinth of the long curls,
Chase for a life happily ever after,
Beyond a short-term infatuation.

PS: This post is my first attempt on  Haiku

07 July, 2011

Come away with me


I am really excited as i got done with my Thesis last week and so much of my muting and restless spirit has ended up in having some gala time.  Got some friendly time ( is that a term in dictionary, go figure!!!) and got to see my old friends on a lovely island. Ahaa, was that a treat to myself for the hard work i put to get the master's thesis? may be. Not that i do not have things that concern my wandering thoughts but i will still pass for the moment to post here. Just to mention a few would be a) How is God suppose to bless america with gay marriages being legalized?   b) Can we not have bright summers without the scorching heat? c) Bear attacking a man captures the pen of yahoo bloggers, imagine if such news were to be reported for the vice versa, how many pages would be filled every hour? and more blah, blah, blah...  So, back to travelling, I love it.

Travelling is fun and thrilling. I remember keeping a logbook while travelling to capture the sights and experiences i go through the trips. Not to mention, writing short descriptions on developed pics was other activity i cherished (Yes, i am talking of those olden days of cameras with films). Looking back at those in retrospect  is a joy indeed (*conditions apply*), that is if i am lucky enough to find those in my reservoir and if they managed to stay out of my mom's throwy (again, go figure  :)) hands. Travelling is fun and specially this time of the year, its summer :)). I remember the summer holidays in India, where the only destination would be mama's (maternal uncle's) house.  Got couple of trips planned, how far would they meet the destination, depends highly on the dimes in my pocket ;) Someone reading this can surely contribute to the noble cause, if you please ( in case you are considering, i just take bills above $10, demanding? I know, but got to do!!!) .

So far, I have been been to  4 countries: 14 states in India, 21 states of  USA, rest i don't have count. That reminds me, relocating to a different state in near future is something on my plans too. Well, till i get some peek a boo to the outside world (beyond my lab, school and home) i have a picture for you guys. Its a pic i took last weekend (Btw, it was 4th July weekend, one of the days in usa to see fireworks :)) on my way to Cleveland. Found it quite amusing. Lets see, if the tiny miny # of followers can catch the amusement here. Do let me know about your thoughts. I will post mine in next post. Why not here?  Because sequels are trend these days and got a live to the mark ;)) In better words, I am inspired by the American movie makers. Hint, hint too much into movies these days :P.

PS: If you noticed the numbers in 4, 14 and 21 ( they follow the sequence 3, 4, 5 :  2+1 = 3, 4+0= 4, 1+4 = 5,) just a numerology jargon ;) !!!

Note: For the words i asked to go figure, even google would be searching for it, so give up. :)) Blame it on my  enriched vocab :P


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