24 March, 2018

Heran hain kyun

रिश्तो  कि नर्मी तोह कबसे चली गई थी,
आज मौसम भी सुख गया तोह हैरान हैं क्यूँ ?

तूफ़ान के सहारे से तोह कबसे बढ़ रही थी,
आज साँस छुट्ट गई तोह हैरान हैं क्यूँ ?

भीतर की रोशनी को तोह कबसे अंदेखी कर दी थी,
आज बाहार सूरज नहीं दिख़ा तोह हैरान हैं क्यूँ ?

 दिल की आवाज़ तोह कबसे शांत कर दी थी ,
आज तन भी मुरदा हो गया तोह हैरान हैं क्यूँ ?

25 December, 2017

Because you are worth it

I regret the times,
I willingly gave in to rejection
when an acceptance was eagerly waiting for my Yes.
So, I have chosen to be impulsive and let my experiences guide me,
as I open myself to endless possibilities of life.

I want to leave a laughter filled memory in that corner of the room, which you keep staring while looking for answers. So, next time when you hopelessly stare at it, you know fun and laughter awaits Your glance.

I want to leave an enchanting experience at your favorite to-go spot in city; where you escape to something bigger than Yourself. So, next time you visit it, you know magic seeks You.

I want to pamper you on your favorite piece of furniture, where you break loose after a long tiring day. So, next time you are tired, you know comfort awaits Your escape.

I want to make sure you are doing well by frequently checking you, when you feel less than yourself. So, next time you feel alone,  you know I always seek Your company.

I want to make a lively travel experience with you, kissing and caressing you at every stop sign, and singing at least one song in the most audible volume. So, next time you are on a long journey, our memories will drift you away.

I want to see the amused sparkle in your eyes when you find your favorite breakfast on table. So, you know every morning awaits something good.

I want to let you keep your shabby look or the unflattering clothing, which brings you a sense of comfort. So, you know your unpolished looks are as acceptable as your polished looks.

I want to cherish my living with you by making most mundane tasks of daily living an array of fun loving possibilities.

Well, these might be my wants. But, its my utmost need to let you know about them.
For,  You are worth all of that I am and what I will be!

21 November, 2017


You wear an obsession scent
And, I am so obsessed with You.
Truly, I can never have enough of You.
So, I am going to love you, with or without you loving me back.
Today, I release you from my expectations to love me back.

For, its no longer about math, but more of chemistry.
Not that I do not have faith or hope in you.
But, I am tired of being victim of my own feelings.
So, I am not going pretend hiding those feelings.
As they have chosen to find home in You.
Today, I proudly claim to have those lovely feelings for You- wearing heart on sleeves they say!

I would like you acknowledge these lovely feelings that I have for you, but they have been ignored so far.
Dictionary tells me that:
verb: ignore
  •  refuse to take notice of or acknowledge; disregard intentionally
  • fail to consider (something significant)

Words have been my friends. Your negligence has liberated me to create my lovely world with You.  One sided love- they say!

09 October, 2017


O Vyara,

Kehvay che ke Sangat ni asar lagta vaar nathi lagti,
Shu malyo che mara vahlam tu aaj-kal ma?
Tari ada mane aje judi chata janeli lage che.
Thodi thodi thandi
ne thodi thodi uni.
dittu mara vhalam na natkhat mijaj jevi lage che.

Haji kal nij vaat karu,
Tara thanda-thanda sparsh thi
mara chanchal mann ne shant kari gayo.
Thando shwas lidhoj hato
ke aje chedti karva avi gayo
sarad sarad gati thi uno-uno bheti gayo.
Shu malyo che mara vahlam tu aaj kal ma?
Tari ada mane aje judi chata janeli lage che,
Thodi thodi thandi
ne thodi thodi uni.
dittu mara vhalam na natkhat mijaj jevi lage che.

Nathi shanti thi jhapva deto,
nathi jhadpi leva deto.
Pun sachu kahu toh mari aa haar ma apdo prem jeeti jai che
eni khushi che.
Tari ada mane aje judi chata janeli lage che.
Thodi thodi thandi,
ne thodi thodi uni.
dittu mara vhalam na natkhat mijaj jevi lage che.

18 September, 2017


Tu risai jai che
Tu ghadik shan hruday na dhabkara vadhi jai che
Vichari kem kari tane manavish
Kem kari tara kumda mann ne na samji shakyi
Pun eej ris mane keh che ke hoon tane ketli vahali chu
Kem ke risai toh tyarej jai ne jyare apane evu lage ke "hoon tari jagya par hot toh avu na karat"
Have kem kari tane kahu, 
Ee aatmiyata bhareli tari ris joi hoon garv thi malkai uthu chu.
Etlej tu mane risayelo hov chu toh vadhu vahalo lage che


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