16 May, 2016

Smartphone Addiction

If relations had market value,
May be people would start valuing them like their cellphones.
Ain't funny, today, we freak out losing or breaking cellphones
more than our delicate and precious relations?

Some things need to be understood,
as they cannot be spoken,
as they cannot be written.
But, smartphone addicts that we have become;
May be you cannot feel,
May be you cannot hear,
Least, you can read while scrolling,
                              -How about that?

01 May, 2016

Note To Self

Hello My Dear,
Its your Birthday Month. 
I wish You live to embrace and cherish the healthy, successful, joyous, adventurous, creative and peaceful version of You this Year!
Usually, I pen down a wish, a thought for you around this time of month to ponder and reflect on the spins you have taken over the years in this journey. I cannot spin the cycle of time around.  So, this year, I am writing you a note which If i were wise and proactive, would have told you to do to enjoy this journey. 

🗒Note to 5-15yr old self:  Play, more than you think you should.
Learn a sport, hobby to keep your body and brain active which in turn keeps you sane. Familiarize and make friends with your body and mind. Its all you got. This serves as your creative outlet,  stress relief and  confidence booster as you grow.

🗒15-25yr old self:  Read,  a lot more than you think you should
 Read not just textbooks,  but books to increase your awareness about your self, imagination, people, culture, religion, food, and places. If you like some personality, public figure- read about them, the way they do things: how they speak, their health routine, their dress style, their body language, their success mantra to thrive. Reading will help you enhance your self image.

🗒25-35yr old self:  Invest in yourself,  a lot more than you think you should. 
 Its time of your life to influence and win people and these 3 things will help you do it. 
1. Invest in earning a financial security(career, vocation), 
          2. Invest in earning relationships (family, friends, partner),
          3. Invest in earning your peace (creativity zone)
🗒35-45yr old self: Learn to say no,  a lot more than you think you should. 
Say no to unnecessary things/events/people/trips/errands; so you can say yes to something your older self would do and value (family, friends, passion).    Practice meditation to stay focused on needs of your workplace, home, and Self.  Develop a goal (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly). Anything that does not fit that goal, say no. 

🗒45-55yr old self:  Update, a lot more than you think you should.
Stay updated with people, technology, lifestyle and surroundings around you. This particular quality will help you remain in the game and flow in the changing times without losing your cool.
55-65yr old self: Remind, a lot more than you think you should.
Remind yourself of all that you have accomplished and still accomplish as each passing day. Own up to your mistakes and Forgive yourself along this journey. You are beautiful because you stayed strong along this journey and created a dance just known with your steps. Remember, you are worth this journey.

65-75yr old self: Devote, a lot more than you think you should.
Devote to the inner higher self within you for this journey. Devote in all the growth, leisure and learning that you tried to put behind your responsibilities or someday (I will do these) list.  Its never ever late to cherish that devotion to self.

to be continued for later years..

As i embrace myself tonight,
I bow down to thee- (Higher self )within me,
I thank you for putting up with me even when i ignore You, your call and your signs.
I thank you for loving me unconditionally.
I thank you for providing me friends and family to support and smile when I forget.
I thank you for teaching me to relax when i get too fast or pushing me when i get lazy.
I thank you for providing me shelter and protecting me through varying weather.
I thank you for the bountiful choices of clothing, shoes, accessories, gadgets and food each day.
I thank you for the ease of travel through varying means of transportation. 
I thank you for the ease of reaching out through varying means communication.
I thank you for the stress-free vocation that keeps me financially secured.
I thank you for the beauty (sea, trees, flowers, mountains) around me.
I thank you for the five functional senses through which i see, smell, hear, taste and touch.
I thank you for giving me the gift to express my feelings into words or speech.
I look forward to new day. I welcome this year for many such great gifts.

 PS: If you haven't seen "Khat" on youtube, you should.


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