29 September, 2011


Ever wondered :
Why “we” is spelled as W-E instead of V-(E) {as the british would like to spell it}?
How the phrase U and I came into existence?

If I were a mystery or fiction writer who is keen on killing the Kurious Kats, (“the K effect”, btw it’s a good tongue twister, try it) the title of this post would have been: Would the computer geek trust the keys under his fingers or feelings in heart?

Imagine a computer geek thinking of proposing his girl friend and thinking in the typical "she loves me/ loves me not" scenario. But instead of flower, he uses his keyboard. So begins with,
U and I are yada yada yada .....
and due to low self esteem smirks under the pretext of Just kidding
And on seeing the blank look on the girl's face thinks to himself you know what, Never Mind.

Observe the changes as you write these words on your keyboard
You and I (U and I appear on 1st row of alphabetic keys)
 Just Kidding ((J and K appear on 2nd row of alphabetic keys)
Never Mind (N and M appear on 3rd row of alphabetic keys)

If you notice your keyboard, you will find U and I next to each other.   But, right below U & I, you will see JK next to each other ;)  So, ergonomically the U and I is not supported even on keyboard 

This is how the keyboard responds to a computer geek J and then people blame them for being introvert ;) sigh!!!  Isn’t there a saying “ Don’t count your chick(-ens) before they ^(say)^  ha(-tch)” ,  Just a .^) ;)

Just in case you are one of the people who follows dinner etiquettes for placement, you will be surprised to see the keyboard behaves quite opposite. The regular norm of  the “b” and “d” (where, b refers to bread and d refers to drink) is reversed on keyboard as D comes before B both sequentially and in alignment.  One reason, I mentioned boozing for computer geeks ;) in one of my earlier posts.  My dad taught me knives and wives should be placed on right side, for the boss always wins. 
But the keyboard likes it the other way, observe the alignment of :
-1) letter Wife and Husband J
-2)  the symbol for side view .^) baffles me because if “)” is to be considered as side it would be right side view {sadly the keyboard opposes the left wing Democrat ;)}. So, on same context, would the rear side view be represented by ( ^v) ?   But wouldn’t that be upside down just  like our present state in USA?

Did you know, keyboard also favors girl on top position? I meant, notice the placement of GF and BF on keyboard (Dirty minds, ufff!) ;)

PS.1: Due to the abstract nature of this post, you might have to read twice before its makes some sense to you and even after that you don't get it then rem NM :) 
PS.2: the word "up-down ergonomics was coined from my enriched vocab, though individually they have a definite meaning.

ABC Wednesday theme: K

16 September, 2011

Dhinchak Dhinchak

How, what and why are you upto something people?
-Don't bother to respond, JK :)

Wondering whats with the title?
Ahh, that's how i respond to few friends when asked how are you doing.
                                                                                                            -Its okay, brilliant mind, you see

Music makes my life run smooth no matter what time of the day/night.  People who have meet me or known me , have barely seen my ears without headphones plugged in. This habit has become a reason of threat for me at present. My current rommies are so desperate to see me getting involved with their chit chat, that they have threatened kicking me out of apartment if they ever found me in  similiar situation in their presence.  Who  says we have democracy in this country?
                                                                               -Sad life...

Have you ever been stung by the song your fellow roomie, friend, colleague, or xyz (oh, not you ;)) has been humming? Next thing you find yourself doing is humming to that song. And for the rest of day/evening you blame that person for bringing that song to your lips.
                                                                            -Happens to me a lot of times.

Today, i woke up to the  song.  I guess, music couldn't resist coming to me too. Last week, a friend of mine and I were discussing about the effects of music in our lives and this just happens to be one. Did you ever wake up thinking of some song and you were just engrossed humming it for the rest of the day?
-Don't rem this song? Shame, shame, shame......

Took me quite a while to find the song, because all i remembered was teri nani mari toh mein kya karu.
 If you think, i can sing any song, you are highly mistaken. I lost that skill ,since i was released from high school torture of reciting poems. I can barely remember more than 2 lines of a song.
-Life is short, why carry burden?

On that note here is my radio playing  Hot Chelle Rae:
You got me singing like
Woah, come on, ohh, it doesn’t matter, woah, everybody now, ohh
Just don’t stop let’s keep the beat pumpin’
Keep the beat up, lets drop the beat down
It’s my party dance if I want to
We can get crazy let it all out

11 September, 2011


The date capable of bringing mystery, thrill and trembles all by itself. Numbers have always fascinated me. 
Yet, took endless mourning poems, and sadist letters and not to mention the ever zealous media for waking me up to this day, and rewinding myself 10yrs ago. Do you remember where you were on 9.11.2001?
 I was in my 8th grade high school in Gujarat in a history class when we received the news. Around that year of time, we were immuned to havoc like earthquake and floods to the brim that this incident was just a icing on cake. Everyone had weird look on their face, some grinning and some whining. I believe, i was just happy to end the school day earlier than normal. Not that i do not feel the grief of such grave situations but think of it how many die each day, why make such a fuss for one incident? Again the pointless trend of setting monuments in memory of the incident.  Wait a minute, aren't we suppose to forget the bad happenings or keep holding them forever??? And we all know what happens to such monuments down the years, then why? Do we even realize how many people loose their lives in army, navy, airforce, in road accidents, train hustles, trivial fights, temple lines and not to mention religious/political propaganda? 

Coincidentally, it happens to be Anant Chaturdashi today in India. Again major ocassion of pomp and threat. We see newspapers flooded with pictures of idols floating on the sea surface, the dirt of flowers and incense sticks all over. Every year new rules are set by government to prevent the water pollution but aren't we smart enough to bend the rules. Have we considered the nussiance we create on roads due to slow traffic while doing the Nashik dhol dance (its no less than wedding dance), noise pollution due to loud speakers, and hustles of people all over the locality. There are so many who get stumbled due to this every year.  Sadly, no one even comes to know about these. Aren't those people prey of human violence/terrorism too? 

And since we are on numbers. Do you notice 9.11 in the date 9.11.11? 
911 is local access number for police and 011 is international code for dialing in USA.
Didn't i mention the date has mystery in it :) 

Stay safe and blessed people.

05 September, 2011

A trip to the mall

Its been 18 hrs that we have been out of power.
Well, it may sound like I am making
A fuss of it, but hell ya it is.
Imagine, surviving without the commodities of 21st century,
Internet, hot water, microwave, refrigerator, for 18 hours.
 If there is a term called momentary paralysis in medical world,
Then, I would say, I have been paralyzed since 18 hours.
And same is the case with my WiFi Generation,
Who feel paralyzed without internet.
Seriously, what do you do in such times?
Trekking and travelling sounds fun but at this moment
I need the damn internet to book my tickets too.
Wonder, how caveman managed to live.
But, I am sure if he was given a golden chance
 to be in the 21st century of gadgets,
He would not go back either.
So, why do we have power outrage?
Well, Aunt Irene had to be reflected in some form, if not in disaster.
And trust me, if any one, any one at all, who has benefited from this
Are the Malls, coffee shops and any dining places which offer free Wifi.
As these are the only places where you can feel
that life had never been busy before this.
As if, God had invented a whole new world.
So, I resorted to take rescue in a nearby mall.
Don’t they say, destiny brings you where you avoid the most
Yes, I hate going to malls. Totally, against the concept of malls,
Why do we need so many options for a damn shirt?
But to my fate, I had to take shelter there today.
I was bit hesitant to avail the wifi services and pop my 15” lappy out,
But to my surprise I wasn’t the only one who had resorted to this path.
The curiosity to find a charging point on the faces of shelter seekers
was no less than a kid playing treasure hunt.
Seeing the giggling faces at the WiFi spot, felt like home.
At this moment i couldn't agree less to George Carlin on guilt trip:

"Guilt Trips: Don't take guilt trips. Take a trip to the mall, even to the next county; to a foreign country but NOT to where the guilt is."

PS:  We were out of power last week due to Irene and hence this post.
I guess , I was too overwhelmed to see the internet bubble turning blue on my screen that I stopped noting down things..
Zeba, XYZ and others, do bear with my temporary lag  of posting  due to travel and job search but keep posting yours :) 


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