11 July, 2012

Date Tonight

Walk around the mile loop in park,
Rest on swing and swaying to-fro to the vast sky,
Inhale the cool breezes,
Listen to the chirping of birds,
Wave good bye to the sun
Seeing it fade through the distance between us,
Smile while seeing our reflections in the lake,
Hold hands and enjoy the bliss of togetherness,

Such is my plan for this evening.

Although, I have spent many such evenings having you in mind,
They say one should never take things for granted,
And hence I ask:
Shall we? 

08 July, 2012

Realities of life

Love completes two people but the best  love songs that touch you were written by someone with broken heart.

Tears of Joy are your eyes way of saying how dearly you love the other person but you can't express them the same.



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