23 May, 2017

3rd Decade For-Giving

I am given life experiences, belongings, relations to cherish my living.
As much as living is my right, its my duty to give.
To those who seek joy, i give cheer,
To those who seek understanding, i give ear,
To those who seek healing, i give hand,
To those who seek encouragement, i give words,
to those who seek love, i give heart,
When my mind, body, heart or words fail to suffice -I give forgiveness.
After-all, I am given life to give.

May your Living be about giving to someone.
But, first let that someone be You- Is my Wish for You today!

halke halke, pardon mein,
muskurana achcha lagta hai
roshni jo deta ho to
dil jalana achcha lagta hai
ek pal sahi, umr bhar use
saath rakhta angira..
zindagi se phir ek vaada maine kar liya re..


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