27 April, 2011

Common public nuisance

Here comes the vent! If you can't take it, don't bother going further.

 Some people find a major achievement while doing this!. I can give liberality if you are in  this situation.
 But, look at this!  They say, main toh halka ho raha tha, I would say halkat ho rahe.
And the amazing thing is the same people claim having higher rationality than animals.

Now have a look at  this
No, no,  this ain't a art, it the very old chewing gum. 
I have spent quite reasonable amount of my precious time in this lifetime trying to this on public streets.
Just because some people  have found ways to making Money and Fame out of it does not give you the license of being irresponsible. 

Ladies: Unless you are in show biz or slut, this or that is a big NO! 
Gentleman:  Same thing applies for  if you like this or that as fashion.  
Save some dignity to others.

I just wanna let you know your mama ain't done a good job raising you if i see you doing this or worse if you do  that . Common! don't tell me your mama didn't teach you these.

Ya, i know its  gross and that's exactly i want to tell those fools around stop being ""Gross"".

P.S. The extensive use of this and that has made my English so versatile, imagine in my gujju accent ;)

20 April, 2011

Whats is there in a name?

Isn't it amazing we all got names. Its an interesting thing to ponder upon. You would have few names on your mind already which are weird and amusing. But again, we all tend to forget. I bet you had one such conversations with your friend where you wanna recollect the person's name but can only remember their identity as you perceived them. For example:
You: Haan, maloom hum log usko dekh rahe the?
Friend: Usko(doubt), kisko?
You: Are woh chamshmewali, library mein hoti hain woh,
Friend: hmm, koun.
You: Aree abhi nahin yaad aa raha hain,  naam mein kya rakha hain?
Friend:  Achaa theek hain (yet more confused now)
  for that matter you feel tempted to say a rose is rose no matter what you name it, right?

Well, hold on to that thought.

Remember the name stickers we used to put on our school notebooks. As if that was not enough every stationery or for that sake any item of possession was labeled with our names.  I used to hate those nomenclature in biology classes. Oh, you did like those, theek hain bolo what does kindgdom does rinkuphyschodon belong? (google wale bhi dhund rahe honge yeh word, so don't attempt to search it) or tell me the 60 names of your classmates. I used to pity this guy in my high school named Ezzy.  Other students teased him saying take it easy each time he had doubt in class. Wonder what was Easy in him as i  always found him restless. Was it a easy go attempt of his parents, or  was it the  rastogi moments.Would you still say the same?  I guess that was the fear of the "dinku baby" and hence she decided to take charge of her identity.

Still not convinced?
 Theek hain, let me give you more visuals. 

Would you pose if it was named other than Yahoo! or
would you allow them in parties if they were not named William sisters 
 and for the tech savy people would you buy an if it was not named Iphone
 With all this bhejafry, there would still be people saying its about the perception. To them i would say, you get perceptiosn only when you see a thing, that thing has a name irrespective you know at that moment or not. Perception is just a way out when we cannot get the real thing, just like you fantasize your wannabe to be Him or Her.

So, take charge of your identity, don't let others tag you with idiotic names. 
Chalo, now raise your right hand, bend it and pat your self, now you are on the path of enlightenment, kudos to "Dishita". Ab pata chala, where you would have been without my esteem level observations and analogies?

19 April, 2011

you got to be a gujju

You got to be a gujju to understand
  • why they feel proud of owning a business no matter they are  doctor, engineer by profession
  • why they accumulate grocery bags for reuse
  • why they got to have the longest conversation at the door while the guests are about to leave
  • why every friend of mom is your masi or mama and every friend of your father is your kaka or foi
  • why kids know their mama's place as the only summer vacation spot
  • why they keep yelling on telephone while having conversation with someone in india
  • why share index is read first thing in morning than newspaper
  • why they have craving of papdi no lot (khichu) , specially in navratri
  • why they emphasize inculcating hindu religion among their kids by saying jai shree krishna, jai ambe yet want their kids to study in convent/missionary schools 
  • why theplas/bhakris are must haves on picnics
  • why they got to have an extra freezer when they have a fridge
  • why snacks are called snakes and phone as fone
  • why they got to add sugar in every food item
  • why you take extra taco sauces and ketchup packs  to store at home 

01 April, 2011

Because you are worth it!

This very year, of this very month, of this very day,
No matter how plagiarized, how redundant it may sound, I remembered you today.
But what if I say,
Your remembrance was worth my time and memory.
Would it then bring a smile and fill your heart with joy?
Well, I hope it does, for i could not figure a better way
of wishing you Happy Birthday!!!


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