19 September, 2010

Imagine, Interpret, Innovate.

 Remember the motto: Live2Cherish! 

Don't remember when but I started collecting shells and stones at shores, lakes and seas when I visit them as a part of remembrance and sometimes stunned by the natural beauty they portray.  And if you have known me or read my posts earlier, its obvious i would have some expressions attached to them. Someone said,  Dream Big!!! So lets explore what i have for you.
Shell Necklace. ("Probably i would tailor it someday")

The pink Family! ("Is it just me fantasizing something here???")

Black/White family being "strategic" ("Cultural diversity, common why should shells be behind!")

Doesn't it resemble a adorable & cute bunny. 

Now, do you agree????

It looks to me as a angry pig ready to bully.

Now, what do you say now???
Makes me think of astronomy. How about asteroids?

Like to call it my porcupine shells, the fine texture just reminds me of porcupine feathers.

Some shells have notches like nosy dogs. See what i mean?

I can see a wave rush here, how abt you?
 (Trust me to an engineer who knows abt creep and fatigue this is a gem, but i would save you from those details!!!)

You see Quantum Mechanics is not just a theory. (Ode to Abstract art! I can relate things. :)

So, here I pause. I read somewhere that normal human attention span at a stretch is 20 mins so, I think i managed my math well to give a pic a min. Now, i don't expect that you get all of my expert correlation as i understand our frequencies need to be tuned. But, here is what i have for you if you didn't get even a single of the above pics, 
A Hope that someday you get it and realize what you were missing without my esteem level observations and fantasies.  ;)


13 September, 2010

i hate luv storys

I hate you for dragging me this far
I hate you for making me fall in love again
I hate you for making me addicted to you
I hate you for putting me to the most peaceful sleep every night
I hate you for making my mornings difficult to begin without your tweet
But amidst all the hatred I still love the way you make me feel when you are with me.

Seasons, People, and Events change for the better. 
But, I wanna hold you as you are, because its you whom I adore. 
Nor someone you were nor someone you can be.


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