29 July, 2010

Fun with bollywood titles

Song: Maine pyar kiya
Movie : CID Moosa (Malayalam)

Maine pyar kiya pyar kiya tho darna kya
Akele hum akele thum kabhi khushi kabhi e gham
Muje kuch kahna hei kuch kuch hotha hei

Kayamath se kayamath thak hum thumhare hei sanam
E silsila hei pyar ka oh sanam theri kasam
Pyar kiya hei pyar karenge dilwala dulhaniya le jayenge (2)
Chori chori chupke chupke sajan ashiq laila majnu
Heer raja pyar kiya jaay
Muje kuch kehna hei haai.. kuch kuch hotha hei
dho rasthein dho bathan hum he raahi pyar ke
hum donom dulha dulhan hum panchi ek dal ke
daaku haseena dil ki nageena chandni roja Julie reena
mem khiladi thu anadi chalthi ka nam gadi
pyar tho hona hi tha..
muje kuch kahna hei.kuch kuch hotha hei

Courtesy of:  Lyrics Magic: CID Moosa - Maine pyar kiya

21 July, 2010

Turned out to be Modern Art

Someone just told me Yo!Sexy! HA, HA HE, HE

3 Levels of Hwattness! Red hot, Fiercely Hot and Smoky hot!

MY ABC : A for Art(if you cant figure it out, it is scenery) B for Billi C for Chuha.

It looks to me like a gas tank.

So, what if collate them?

If being Sexy is Hwatt then this is how it would look.

If cats had magnifying lens, their tails would  look something like this.

Didn't get it right? uff ho! There is a reason why it is labeled Modern Art.

20 July, 2010

You Know You're from Ohio When...

You Know You're from Ohio When...

You Need Life

Alright I have been reading a lot on this topic, you know you need a life when. it is.... .
So, what's my version?
Being a cleanliness freak, it feels better to organize my numbness in different places.

In my Room, I know it  is time when...
The walls of my room don't seem to be listening to my rants
Lights have started flickering responding to my gaze
The mattress has given up its elasticity to my butt fat [eew! too engineered!]

On Phone, I know it is time when....
I hallucinate for  missed calls.
I have changed the background theme back to what I had a week ago. [i believe in change!]
I flip the screen to get a melody out of it

On Facebook, I know it is time when....
I have refreshed the cookie of the day and Anita's predictions to what i would like to read.
I have shuffled enough to get a cheezy status message. [attention seeker!]
I have commented on each of the pics in notifications list.

In School, I know it is time when...
I get to greet the genators in computer labs irrespective of the day of the week
I see my advisor more than 8 times (equals1nce@hour)  in a day [am i in love???]
I find the most serious instructor's lecture hilarious.

On Internet, I know it is time when...
I have youtubed funny, wierd, and sad videos
I have read news about Lady Gaga, Snopp Dog and Lindsey Lohan. [common you like them too!]
I keep playing to get a highest score in bouncing balls and crazy taxi.

In Shopping mall, I know it is time when....
I believe the only place they have sales is Aeropostale, Gap, Holister and Abercombie.
I find the gay employee dancing in Forever21 and Express entertaining. [yes, i said Gay!]
I start feeling that Geetho look is cool.

In General, I know it is time when....
I start worrying about the oil spill and global warming
I make a resolution of going green for a week [Lol! its big time, imagine every morning in restroom]
I need a nap break at work which began at noon.

P.S: Bottom line, if you find any of the above things applicable in your life, shout I NEED LIFE.
JK(just kidding, what are you doing on my blog if you don't know abbreviations???), be proud, you are normal and you know whats going around in your life! ahaa, EUREKA isn't it??? so, now make your list and get yr attention window!

14 July, 2010

My Friends

I miss you my gujju group (Darshan, Daiveee, Himanshu, Jassi, Kaka, Mihir, Pratik, Ruchit, Rikki, Sakina, Sachi, Shital, Shivani, and Vinit).  Love you guys! I will always remember you.

कॉलेज के वोह दिन
दोस्तों के संग वोह दिन!
हाय, कोई लौटा दो वोह रंगीन दिन
याद आये वोह दिन!!

जब हर सुबह लगती थी
रेस्टरूम जाने की लम्बी कतार,

वोह अलारम लगाके बंद करना
और हरोज़ क्लास में लेट जाना,

वोह रात भा जग के असैग्न्मेंट  करना
वोह रात के एक बजे मक्दोनाल्ड्स जाना,

वोह घंटो भर फ़ोन पे कांफेरेंस करना
वोह साथ में ऑफ केम्पस करना,

वोह राच्केत्बल्ल और टेनिस खेलना
वोह हर शाम को मिलके डिन्नर खाना,

वोह टीम बनाके करोम खेलना
वोह हर रात काली तिरी की रंगात,

वोह जाना कोलुम्बुस मूवी देखने
वोह जाना वाफ्फ्ले हाउस सुबह के पाच बजे,

वोह मस्ती उड़ना
वोह एक साथ जॉब सर्च करना,

वोह बीन नव्त्ररी के गरबे
वोह हाई  वूफेर की बर्थडे पार्टी,

वोह वीकेंड की ओउतिंग
वोह १५ लोगो का १ रूम में सोना,

वोह करना टांग खिचाई
एक दूजे की,

वोह एक पल का  रूठना
और दूजे पल में मान जाना,

आख भर आई
जब याद आई वोह रंगीन दिनओ की !!

07 July, 2010

Is google restricted to browsing?

Google is the best place and ultimate source for my day to day activities. Well, Google is the most trusted and popular browsing tool but how far is it secured? Yes, you can have your profile hidden, keep photos as unlisted but how about shitting??? Yes, you read it right (Shitting, in case you missed it first time).
 Imagine, the  level of privacy when we agree to get google toilet! Oh, please don't tell me you read the license agreement terms each time you download a application or tool!

 For more details look at this video.

Well its just a joke, but with advancement in technology , you never know!
 So,  remember to check for cameras and touch sensitive toilet seats .

06 July, 2010

My First Love

This is one thing i never wish to give up. My passion, love and desire for swings. I have enjoyed the cradle, the swing in the park and  the luxurious zula at home. I just love swinging on them.

04 July, 2010


Relations are unique.
You are born with few,
You get involved with few,
You develop a few,
and rest are the ones you just don't know what to name them.
However, such relations live a profound impact and influence on your lives.
A single moment of hearty connection with an individual can change your perspective of life.
Years down the memory lane when you visit them, you have nothing but to cherish those memories. And that is what i call Life worth lived!
Often when i brood about relations with my friends, family, relatives, and unknowns I recollect of a TV serial episode.
It is so strange, I can still remember the episode after years and i was so glad to find it on internet one fine day. So thought would store it.

Following is the video clip of one of my favorite episode of a TV serial called Rishtey (used to be telecasted on zee tv in the years when i grew up). Hope you guys like it too.

FYI: the episode is in Hindi! Sorry, I couldn't find subtitles.


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