12 September, 2016

Itni si baat Kale Chasme ki...

Chaloji aaj saaf saaf kehti hoon,
Mainu Kala Chasma na Jachda, na jachda.
Because, if i would start rocking my Kala chasma look on my gora gora mukhda,
Boy! I will miss loving you like i am going to loose you.
Those kala chasma will hide my dreamy eyes
Eyes:which have learnt to fall asleep to dreams.
Dreams: where i meet and talk to you:all that i don't, otherwise.
By now, I vow;
I have lived a life.
Sharing  the deepest secrets,
Running the wildest gardens,
Walking the prettiest beaches,
Conversing the most senseless talks,
and Laughing my heart out,
liking you.
Yes,  just liking you.
The way: you would never be loved by else.
Because, that's how we are everything but, ourselves behind those Kala Chasma.

Because, that's how we fake our conversations that ended longtime ago by emoticons,
Because, that's how we cover up paleness of life with blush,
Because, paperboats and sand castles are meant for kids,
Because, that's how we act matured and be an adult na?
Because, that's how we rock the Kala Chasma look.
So, mainu Kala Chasma na Jachda, na Jachda.

Chaloji aaj saaf saaf kehti hoon,
Mainu kala chashma na jachda, na jachda.
I am such a "look at that" kinda girl
that when my proximity gives you a boner.
I would point to it and say "look at that"!
And when you would embarrassingly hide it,
you would see me gleaming with proud ownership of that "authentic self" of you!
So, Mainu kala chashma na jachda, na jachda.


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