29 June, 2010

Mind Vs Heart

Following is an excerpt from one of my friend-Mihir.
 I found it very interesting and would like to share it with you guys. The link will lead you to a prayer it is being inspired from.         
Think about these:
Injury vs Pardon.....
Doubt Vs Faith.....
Despair vs Hope....
Darknes Vs Light...
Sadness Vs Joy....
Hatred Vs Love...
You will clearly realize both words have different origin. One comes from mind and other from heart. This means people operate in two ways: from heart and from mind. So one is practical who operates from mind and other is emotional who operates from heart. My question is why being practical is more important than being emotional when we know that being practical gives us negative effect?

Prayer link

Blessed Day

Woke up as a princess
Pampered the skin with the goodies
Captured the flight of birds and clouds in the eye
Pumped the nose with fresh breeze
Danced at the rhythm of my heart
Rented the ears to the lovely music
Waved farewell to the sun at dusk
Thanked almighty for offering the will to enjoy this blessed day.
Having embraced these beauties of life
What more can a mortal soul like mine ask for!

24 June, 2010

Playing with suffix -ing (pinch of gujarati)

Early in the Morn-ing Morn-ing
Alaram kare Trr-ing Trr-ing!!
Ready Tha-ing Tha-ing
School Go-ing Go-ing!!
Zumba danc-ing danc-ing
Food banv-ing banav-ing!!
Light jhabuk-ing jhabuk-ing
Night pad-ing pad-ing!!
Book vach-ing vach-ing
Blog writ-ing writ-ing!!
Feel bor-ing bor-ing
Think shu kar-ing kar-ing!!
Tv jo-ing jo-ing
Serial actor ro-ing ro-ing!!
News repeat-ing repeat-ing
Popcorn khau-ing khau-ing!!
Friend jode chat-ing chat-ing
Fun avi-ing avi-ing!!
Music sambhd-ing sambhd-ing
Dreams com-ing com-ing!!

19 June, 2010

Power of Prefix -E

Have you ever noticed these radical Changes
the prefix -E has on your current  lives.
 Let's see:

We prefer sending text messages to the person in next cubicle

We prefer playing PS2 than volleyball
We prefer writing email than a personal greeting
We prefer browsing google images than visit places
We prefer reading blogs than books
We prefer hearing music on headphones than a CD player
We prefer listening to pop bhajans than kirtans*
We prefer internet shopping than going to mall
Oh! What a influence the word E has on this modern world!

  It would not be a wonder
 If virtual life becomes a reality!

* FYI: Bhajans/kirtans are indian version of carols and hyms sung for the praise of the  lord.

13 June, 2010

Pinnacles of life

When you are young and under 25,
 Grab whatever the world has to offer to you as the world is all yours!

  • Though the wise have said it is better to give than receive, in practical life who does not want to be at receiving end? This pinnacle of life one of the best one as you are raw like clay and can be molded in all desired forms. You are free from bondings, responsibilities and expectations. Live it!
When you are grown up and under 50,
Offer you best to the world as You are for the world!

  • Once you have received the basics, its your time to offer. This pinnacle of life brings major twists and turns in molding ones personality as one is attached, expected to be responsible and working. It is the toughest pinnacle, but if you lived this phase well, the other two pinnacles will be worth cherishing.
When you are old and under 75,
Count what have offered and what you would like to be offered!

  • So, now you grabbed and offered. Now you have a choice either to offer or grab unlike the above to pinnacles. It is the loneliest phase of life, you don't see the same people nor do you live the same routine as before.
When you are almost under 100,
 Offer yourself to almighty, You have done enough !

  • Ahaa, the ultimate pinnacle. How can you forget the almighty, who has been the source of your life? Praise him, serve him, thank him, devote to him, and if you can't do any of these, just acknowledge his presence in your surrounding and fellow beings.

11 June, 2010

Mann ( in Gujarati)

Aaj kal ni toh prathaj che
Hath medaviye
Bhale pachi mann no mel thai ke nahin!
Biju badhu khabar hoy
pan manas na mann ma su ramtu hoy
ej khabar na pade eno su matlab!
Are dost, tara hath ni
panch angadioj sarkhi nathi
Mann toh bahu door ni vaat che!
Mann chanchal che
kahine apde gakari kadhiye che
pun shu eni parkh karvi etli aghri vaat che?
Vaqt jata toh dariya na chanchal neer pun shant thai jai
Ae dost, tu ghadeek shann tari jatt ne parakh toh kharo!

04 June, 2010


We all talk of living in present.
What is Present actually?
Is it the moment or a state?

Reading through Vikram Hazra's blog I added a new word to my vocab.
The word is "Sadyojathaha" meaning born in the present.

Think about it,
Wouldn't it be wonderful to be born each time you come across a dead zone mentally, physically, emotionally and when all are together it is spiritually?
If we can buy the fact that we take birth and die many times before salvation.
Why not buy the fact each displeasing moment is death and we are reborn to live another present moment?
How wonderful it is, I  have so many reasons to celebrate such moment as my birthday!

Race of my life

If it was a race
I saw myself half way to the finish line.
But when I looked back,
I found you at the start line.
I had two choices one was to join you or finish my lap.
As the wise have said,
I finished my lap and waited on the finish line.

For you Dear, I would say
We  meet like two trains at a common station
From where we need to head in different directions

02 June, 2010

My Photography

I love this shot!
Look at their feet: Rightmost is raised to step forward (represents childhood), Centermost is anchored between sand and air(represents middle age), Leftmost is landed firmly (represents old age).
[NEWS FLASH: That girl in pic is not ME]


So amazed at the natural shades light-dark, soft-harsh.  Rhymes with a lyric in itself.

How wonderful would it be to  bid farewell to Sun who meets the Horizon.

Two Pure forms togather : Innocence and Nature.

If you observe the pattern of waves you can see 4  stages of life: Raised, Raise-Settled, Settled &  Drifted.

  I Wish to leave behind my footsteps on people's lives with grace and dignity, so people can look up to it to cherish their lives.


We all aim for Colorful World,
But when it comes to making choices
We end up with just three colors: Black, White and Gray.
Black and White are the base colors.
Gray is deduced from Black and White.

When all colors blend they form Black.
Black is considered as sign Of
Darkness,Vagueness, Unhappiness and Turbulence.
Whereas no color can make white, it is pure.
White is considered as sign Of
Light, Clarity, Happiness and Peace.
When these two colors blend
They form Gray.
How can it be a ultimate choice
when its existence is dependent on other two colors?

When you decide something,
Make it Black Or White decision
for Gray doesnot count.
Life has too many twists
Why add more by being Gray?

So I Say,
Gray is Illusion!
Black and White is reality!!


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