01 December, 2016

Raat baaki.... Baat baaki...

The clock struck 12:30am,
So, i gathered myself 
and march towards the kitchen,
to grab a quick snack.
Quietly, i sneak back on my side of bed.
All of sudden,
I feel you pulling me towards you,
Rubbing your chin in the space between my neck and ear,
You ask: now that you are full, so how about my hunger?
Sheepishly, i toss around to face you,
And whisper in your ears: "i thought you would never ask"
And with sheer playfulness and sharp wit,
                                                                                we began to unravel the dark spaces between us.
                         A lot of talking took place between you and me, 
this time without any words.

raat baaki....
Baat baaki...
Ho jaane do..


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