14 July, 2016

Picky? Meh...

                                    When, Dishi?
                      What are you looking?
Don't you feel the need of someone?

                              Would i want to wake up to someone who smiles to have me by his side
 Would i want someone to delegate my mundane tasks, so i could do whats priority to me?
                                                              Would i want someone to discuss my not so practical dreams?
                                                                                                                    Of course, Yes. Hell ya!

Now read again,  i emphasize the word "want" not "need" in above sentences.
I can easily meet and take care of my needs(gender equality morcha is too shallow, i m talking of individuality, so shh)

For needs are meant for living,
wants are meant for evolving.
I am already living,
I am looking for evolving!
Abb,  evolving mein time to lagta haina, dosto ;)

Toh you see,
when someone makes me feel,
He can take care of my wants,
that would be the time,
I would roar on the mountains,

Too demanding? 
Go sue Pepsi and Pan Parag,
who taught the 90's kid in me
Yeh dil mange more and Ek se mera kya hoga. 

Mujhko kya pata khwaab kaise hote hain
Hum to aaj ko hi khwaab jaise jite hain
Aawara hawa hun main na hath aoongi
Jaoongi jahaan wahaan sabko jhukaoongi
Pagli pagli pagli pagli
Pagli main jhalli


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