26 June, 2011

With love

W for what?
PS: posted for ABC Wednesday

What is it about you that makes me revisit fairytale in bright daylight with wide open eyes,
What is it about you that makes me smile when you cross my thoughts.
What is it about you that makes me long for you the first thing in morning at times,
What is it  about you that makes me fly on cloud nine to receive your call at unexpected times,
What is it about you that i call you by different names,
What is it about you that i crossed the societal norms,
What is about you that makes me want to be at the receiving end,
What is it about you that makes me feel i own you though i lost you ages ago,

24 June, 2011


IT is the buzz word of the town. 
If i understand right, buzz means an alert, a shout to wake or alert people.
Ironically, once you sink in the Vacuum of IT world, the farther you  wanna get away from it. 
Even though you might scream for space, it would be deciphered by "Google" as Yah(an)- hoo(n).
 Now, since it has managed to get the connection on "CLOUD" and you have already plunged into the deep well, where is the escape button?
 For my IT friends "Singing Up in air, down in the well" say aye ooo .
  Happy Sailing, oops flying !!! 

PS: I was inspired to challenge myself with Thursday Tales.

21 June, 2011

Who wears the pants- who????

Recently, my mom had the "hot" discussion with the maid.
The maid demanded she be paid for the days mom calls it a day off, as its not her sick leave but forced vacation day. While i try to hold my cell phone in place to make sure i heard the words right,
and if my mom really mentioned maid talking about vacation/sick leave. [Don't give me the inhuman crap, i am not going there, nor shall you]
Trust me, I almost had to maintain my posture so that i did not slip down my couch out of amazement. Ahh then i remember seeing this particular comic.
So, you see its not about who wears the pants in the house anymore these days.
I guess the indian version of who wears the saree would be more appropriate.
Don't believe me, follow the links.

Plead 1
Plead 2
Plead 3
And the list is endless. But, na samaj ko ek nahin toh teen ishare toh kafi hone chaiye  ;)

For your part of shock: Try googling william sisters in saree. [After all, everything comes with a price ;)]

PS: I would say i owe google for the Image courtesies but the direct links in the post shall do the rest. Peace (read pisss) out!!!
I shall discuss about this in my next post.

14 June, 2011


Its the season of birthdays in my family. I am always excited for birthdays. May it be mine or the dears ones. 
I do not expect parties or surprise gifts for my birthday but i do wish to be greeted by certain people in my life. Personally, i wish the people close to me, duhh big deal? Well, yes partly it is. Why- i shall explain later. My family and relatives always look forward for my call on their birthdays. Naah, i do not do anything special, nor send them flowers or gifts. Its just that I was the first one to wish them and set the trend of wishing. Being, a girl i would not say flowers, gifts and cards does not  seem promising but simple things in life at right moment outstand those lavish tokens. Some of my friends say i stopped counting the candles after 25, oh boy!!! Its the spirit that matters right? In fact, in youth and abundance you attract crowd easily, it is after 25 or later that you shall seek for people who really care for you.
 So this year, I reminded few of my friends a week ahead of my birthday to make sure they call me on my B'day [ what an attention seeker!! oh well!!!] Often, I do use the phrase "Yaad rakhje or Yaad rakhna" (meaning Remember that). Not because, i wanted to be prove something or obligate the other person but with computers and ipods we have overlooked the basic things like birthday card or happy birthday tune still has the charm. 
“A little Consideration, a little Thought for Others, makes all the difference.”

Its not about remembering dates or days its about telling how remembering the other person was worth your time and specially "memory" (  it does not take even a 1gB of space ).
Yes, I have read a lot against this thought. For example some say, so you would count wishing on "day" more than the amount of care given everyday . But dude! common yaar its the "day" not everyday. Even ekta kapoor gives daily sops, would you remember those saas bahu drama or remember the event in which Aamir khan made his first public appearance for award? If you are the one who plays super lotto, would you remember each ticket you bought or the one in which you spent more or actually won?
See, the difference !

Life is about experiences, some you shall explore, some you shall adopt. The post wasn't meant for bragging about  me, but often times we learn things better from anecdotes.  Remember its all about making difference, someone will surely benefit reading it. ;)[day dreaming....]

12 June, 2011


It was my Graduation day yesterday.
 Something, i have been struggling and waiting for.
 They say, when you wish something from heart, nature tries it best to bring it to you.
 I have always felt, achievement is useless if you do not have someone to share it.
So, two weeks ago, I was disheartened and discouraged to take the graduate walk as i did not have my parents to see me walk through.I so wanted my parents to be there in the audience and see me walk through the hall in the black cloak with the degree certificate. I have been waiting for them since my undergraduate walk and thought they would make it for the graduate walk. Surely, my parents were keen on seeing me in the cloak but practicality of life pushes aside at times. Anyways, after weeks of gruntling and endless motivated talks with my mom, i decided i would take the graduate walk and fulfill their wish to see me in the black cloak.
I was asked to get a formal suit for the occasion by my mom,  but I got a formal dress instead as the cloak served its purpose of hiding anything underneath it. As i entered the hall, i meet my classmates and clicked some pics. Back of mind was still wondering how wonderful had it been if I asked my parents to visit me. Ahh, then came the eureka moment, lady standing next to me showed me the link for live streaming of the ceremony. I was told about it by a friend but was not able to find it earlier in the week. So, called up at home and asked them to try it and see me walk through the hall of fame ;).  Hoped it worked but as technology, you know, how much you can trust at the nail biting moments.
Soon, we were lined up to enter the hall where thousands of people were waiting with cameras and cell phones on to capture/record the first sight of the dearest graduate in the black cloak.  I made sure i waved with smile on the main camera so my parents could see it at distance of countries. Pretty much like a you listen to NRI's yelling their lungs out while talking to someone in india over phone. The crowd was wonderful, clapping and cheering us.  Soon, we were asked to sit and then came the bombshell. Looking at people besides me waving at their family/friends or texting, felt heavy within. I gazed around harder and harder each moment to catch the glimpse of someone whom i knew and wave hand to them. I knew some of my friends said would show up, so wasn't ready to loose the hope and kept looking. President of school began the welcome speech and i diverted my attention partly to him and partly to my cellphone. I wanted to know if my parents could get the link working. But, connection didnot support. I took a deep breath and tried to smile and stay happy thinking what if my parents saw me grumpy and sad. After an hour or so saw someone waving at me from above. I looked around if it was for me or someone next to me. ahh, it was my friend, the smile got wider and wider and he started pointing to other direction. Puzzled i look at the other side and saw two of my other friends waving at me. Ahaa, I was smiling effortlessly this time and soon the heaviness of being alone flew away. I was happy to see them, coming for me and waving at me. One of them had come from other state, the other has thesis defense coming up in next two days. Felt blessed that they took time to come to cheer me.  I walked as my name was called and made sure i looked and waved at camera for my parents to witness. The ceremony ended and came out of hall. There was a major twist of moment. A friend of mine greeted me with flowers and goodies. Another friend hugged me tight and did not let me go for a while. the joy on their face was way beyond my imagination. I was surprised and happy and speechless with this twist of events. Went out for lunch and these friends got a cake for me, everything was so planned, little was i aware of it!! We went to neighboring place for sight seeing, went on 2 hour cruise, watched a local band perform live at the riverfront, hopped on merry go rounds, and watched the moonlight coming up on river. It was a blast.  We all aim of achieving and rising on top but once we reach it, we should atleast have one person who would be equally happy to see you there. And the number of people whom you turn happy counts the real measure of your achievement.

This day I  completely agree with the lines:

“When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not ready. The challenge will not wait. Life does not look back. A week is more than enough time for us to decide whether or not to accept our destiny.”

 Paulo Coelho quotes (Mystical author, one of Brazil's most successful novelist)

 Five years have passed and the 18yr old who came to usa with the wish of obtaining a substantial education was coming true. No, graduate studies was not something me or my parents had thought of when i came here for undergraduate studies. But destiny unfolded its pages and here i am today with my masters degree. Yes, it was a achievement, a dream, a wish come true.
Feel blessed with some many lovely people around me.

Kuch meetha ho jaye

Graduation Day!!!
Not just another Saturday,
where you get wild in party.
Feels like just any other day,
until you get to play.

a moment so intense,
a moment so nostalgic,
a moment worth holding,
a moment worth waiting.

As I fidget to get the tassel at right side,
Breathing harder to smile my best to be clicked in the black cloak,
Pretty much the same when i was asked to smile for the school ID on the first day,
The glaring lights remind me of the night's sleep forgone to achieve the sweet A's
A look at the guy sitting beside me, reminds me of the first day crush with blonde hair and blue eyes;
The valedictorian's speech reminds me of the times i goofed up on the presentation thinking if sneakers were okay to wear under the A-lined skirt,
Five years have passed and who knew, I would make it this far in this strange country?

In a crowd of thousands,
I am no super star.
But, dearest Mom and Dad
I swear , each time I turn around at your cheer and smile at you,
I can see the shine in your eyes outshining the glam around.

At times you just live the moments
Surely giving has more than taking.
Clasping hands of friends and  each one speaking, yes we have done it, is a surely overwhelming.
For no achievement is glorified unless you have a dear one to share it.

07 June, 2011

The Music

 If you ask me what taste of music i have, I would say  I enjoy music from bappi lehri's Julie-Julie, altaf raja's_tum toh there pardeshi, 98degrees_i do cherish you etc etc etc. I don't post links for songs usually.
But, these are exceptionally profound, intrinsic and amorous. I doubt my adjectives would do justice to them and hence just enjoy their essence.

PS: I do not own any of these music, so if you have copyright issues with link, go sue youtube.
Nor, do i claim i am the first one to discover these, I have come across them while blog surfing.

04 June, 2011

Whats your rashee?

In our hectic lives , we all call out for peace. How dearly we wish to be welcomed by our dear ones on our return from work. Some how i get the same chills when i read Anita's Predictions.
 Step 1: Who has to time to greet you each day? I love this part.
 Step 2:  Is the drill necessary to get my daily horoscope? What the hell you mean am i sure? Why would i have clicked you had i not wished to look for some feel good wishes from you. 
Step 3: So, now i have the enriched horoscope. I am not sure how many of you use this app on fb. But,  according to her, i would meet my dream guy everyday. Now, that is what i need.;) So easy and simple to elude morons like me around this world. Wonder how many girls keep waiting for the prince charming on the white horse.

Step 1

Step 2
Step 3

Now that easy. But i bet if you are into gloomy days or seeking for the what  future holds for me mood, you might have  browsed some horoscope sites. and the worst part is when i come across something which reads
 "Jupiter’s  arrival in your fourth house this week through the next twelve months. Both Monday’s solar eclipse and the presence of Mercury in your third house."
 What the hell is that now?  Oh it does not end there, it goes on with mercurcy retrograde and the terms which i cant even spell.  What house, what is mercury to do with me?  Ahh may be it has to do with the colored rings people wear or necklaces sold on TV shows.
Common guys, is that so hard to translate these planetary influences in raw english that i can understand? After all. how much does it take to make people feel good with some illusions? 

 Does it have to  be so complicated?  So you have 12 sun signs and there are moon signs too.  So how does that work, twelve signs but don't we have just 9 planets( considering pluto) to go with? Did these planets have buy one get 50% off deal with the horoscope pundits? Then again there is Chinese astrology with other elements.  Wonder, these planets know if they have been blamed for the evils around, for just spinning around or moving in just a neighbouring space. Poor  Rahu and ketu , would be praying hard people leave them alone or if they had options to change names.  

Think of it, 
12 signs in horoscope
12 hours in clock
12 months in year
and the funny thing is you can have just one of each. ;) Cost Cutting is not new you see. 

03 June, 2011


I like my shoes.
What is it that brings more than 30 comments and 50 likes for a girl's shoe on fb?
Seriously, really, don't these people have anything to do in life??


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