25 August, 2011

Is it just me?

Have you ever felt the sweat rolling down your cheeks in the middle of an air conditioned theater, suddenly you are all anxious, excited and thrilled, biting the popcorn dipped fingers, and your chin can almost touch your knees. Oh no, its not a climax scene in an action movie, or the twist in the story.
Its one the moments where you feel, Geez! what am i doing here? Is this why i paid $$$? where is that song/scene/actor that they showed in the trailer?

Or lets say,you are waiting for "the call" you name it interview, special someone, prize winning lottery, blah,blah, blah, and you are so into the thoughts of that call that you practically hallucinate the phone ring and when you actually get "the call" and your phone actually rings, you just tell yourself, ahh, this thing is getting over me and you just miss the most awaited call thinking its hallucination.

Me: Have you been there?
Brain bubble: oh, where?
Me: I mean, have you ever felt this way?
Brain bubble: Oh, which way, what way?
Me:You know, it was just one of those days.
Brain bubble: Rolling eyes.

16 August, 2011

Cute Little Nothings

                                                                         Image source

Royal knot, kiss, ring
A tale which the world witnessed,
began, with whisper.

14 August, 2011

What does it take to be an Indian?

While blog shopping, I tumbled upon   Important aspect in Current Economic Conditions in India. I know its forwarded email, might have already made it in your mailbox but the thing that striked me was the line " BUY Indian BE Indian"

My interpretations to this line are as follows:

1.  "To Buy an Indian, Be in India".
A slight variation  along the line "buy one get rest of the community 50% off". Yes, wherever we go, we need community. Indian this and that. Often times when you enter a community in metro cities abroad, you really need to wait for change of sight. You will hear the phrase, yaar "aakh sakne ke liye koi toh gori/gora chaiye" and same people will insist on staying in a community with similar caste/nationality for the sake of so called " healthy upbringing of children" or ask for group discounts at local gyms.  No wonder, they strike the good deal with local stores, after all mutual benefit is the key to business.

2. "By Indian, be Indian"
So far as my experiences staying in usa goes, i have felt this line very strongly or made to think so by people's behavior. Very common sigh heard is " yaar, i miss those things I used to have in india and the same people would tell a FOB you are in america, get used to it.  Amazingly, every other indian origin person here feels the other indian is "Desi". The definition of desi relates to not following laws at traffic signs, scarring people in public places by yelling out names, trying to bargain prices at indian grocery stores ( can range from 1cent coriander to buying rotten tomatoes or chillies), dating a blonde/black woman for green card (if anyone has come across "green" one please send me a notarized pic, you will be given compensation ), drooling over half naked girls, coming late at appointments, and endless things. In short, the term "Desi" is tagged to anything irritating and annoying when you are not in other person's shoe ;) With this varied pun and irony in day to day life, we still find amusement in satirical fictions or comics.

3.  Last but not the least. "Bye India, be Indian"
 Alteast being on the other side of India, I can truly, deeply and politically say this. Or I would  negate my existence in the so called "land of patels" [Let's not go who said it to whom, alteast i am out of high school ;)] And the very immigrants like me (yes its a strong word, i am making a strong point here ;)) will post things about indian economy, india is great and blah blah... . My question to them is what basis do you believe you are indian or have the right to talk about what's going in india, when you  left India for chasing dreams in other country? How many indians still like to be in india, given a choice, Raise your hand (okay, yours does not count !!!)
 If you are one of those species, you need a tap on shoulder, Kudos to you!

Enough said, "Vande Matram" is being played on my MP3 ;) 
Oh common! (Its independce day after all)
Satire was the theme, how come you missed it? Too bad, scroll up again. :))

09 August, 2011


Time in clock rewinds
itself as I cherish our tie
Such is your majic.

So you think you can dance?

ABC Wednesday's letter of the week is D.
D is for Dishita and dishita loves dancing. I am a trained indian classical dancer and i enjoy any kind of dancing. But have you heard of the Dancing orchids aka. Oncidium Orchids?  I happen to see them first time during my recent trip to India. I believe it was a small nursery in Munnar, Kerala. The beauty of these orchids is they resemble dancing dolls and hence the name dancing orchids. For more information on those visit here. So here is my picture of the dancing orchids.

I am not sure if the readers would be able to zoom it and see them dancing. This is one of the moments when i so badly feel the need of mastering my clicking techniques. Anyways, so below is an enhanced version of the flower found from web and similarly you can find more orchids here.

Aren't those amazing?

07 August, 2011

Its all about me

I loved this tag, hope you do too.
Its all about me...................

1. Without sharing your name, who are you?
Seriously, I mean no kidding, who figured this so far? Again, who??? 
Atleast, I haven't in the past 23 years of my life even with my engineering background and connection with biomed life, i am still trying to figure the "purpose" if that exists but again you know, we all like to indulge in fantasies once in a while here and there with wide open eyes. Lucky for Darwin and Einstein who figure that out, but who knows those were just like the tooth fairy tales told by our grandparents. So, in short as you see i hop around this world with dreams of becoming something but everything than human being and did i mention flying in skies and swimming in oceans? So back to question, you can't understand who i am with few words or lines, but still give it a shot. :P (FYI some1 said its hard to understand woman, just pre- warning :))
2. Describe yourself in less than Five words.
Restrictions limit creativity.

3. Do you have any special talents? What?
I am a super super talented being. I manage to breathe, eat, sleep, drink and top of that manage to live in this world among some intelligent, stupid, peace loving, violent, clean, dirty, outrageous people.  Now that is a major talent you know :P
Apart from that I have the art to be insane at the same time sane
  • I am believe and behave in extremes
4. Are there any talents you wish you had? What?
The talent to be anywhere and everywhere at the spur of moment. Just a little wish, you know.

5. What are your most important interests? What do you like about them?
Be a part of this insane cosmos with utter rubbish, craziness and zeal.  Life is all about it.  Ok, i know i like to be logical but seriously, why in the hell do you need me to justify each and everything. Phewww!!!

6. What is your opinion of Lady Gaga?
One person i can always, always, always count on bringing smile with her outrageous costumes when i am depressed  and not to forget one who has all the nerve to excite my numb senses with the shitty music ( which works better than tea or any stimulant, trust me)

7. If you could go anywhere this second, where would you go?

8. What are your favorite foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner?
  • Breakfast: Cereal and milk with some fruit
  • Lunch: I am mostly one meal person
  • Dinner: Fresh, cooked vegetarian food. Love all the variety of cuisine Mexican, Indian, Italian, Thai, Mediterranean, Greek, Chinese. 
    • Sadly, there is nothing called American food, just FYI, some people who have myths, you know, that usa is "the giant", and developed country :)
9. Do you have siblings? Talk about them; if not, talk about being an only child.
I get the privileged to get the first toy, bike, and you name it, being an elder sissy to a notorious and smart brother. Over the years our bond has flourished and we cherish the 2 min (ok, for those picky ones, i timed it :P) fights for little nothings and patch ups.

10. Do you like sports? Which teams do you support?
Absolutely, I like sports for it motivates me to follow a passion. I do not support any team in particular but if it is india-pak in cricket, ofcorse am indian by heart and if it is OH vs MI in football i am all game for OH.

11. Do you have any tattoos? If not, would you ever get one?
Nope, never. I think i have enough potential to create my identity and do not need further identifiers. 

12. Have you ever donated blood? Why or why not?
Not so far. Some1 said everything happens for good, so i believe preventing the spread of my craziness is for a good cause.

13. How do you like your coffee and/or tea?
Coffee makes me drowsy. Tea i prefer with ginger and mint, and to be specific green tea picked from Darjeeling hills.

14. Are you left-handed or right-handed?
Ambidextrous, seriously no kidding. I was taught to seize every opportunity in life with all my hands. But still i dominantly use left hand.

15. If you are in college, what are you studying? If not, what did/what are you planning to study?
I am in a jobless yet not taskless phase of my awesome life trying to figure out what i shall do with my masters degree in biomedical engineering. I guess i have paid enough revenue to books and biomed world by now ;)

16. What are some of your short term goals?
Figure out how to invest in my Present :P, i think it comes under the "short" goals.

17. What kind of music do you like?
Anything except metallic. 

18. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
Somewhere close to beach, lake, pond or any waterbody. I believe i was a nymph or fish in last birth, don't ask me how i made that discovery :)

19. Have you ever been overseas? Where and when?
Yes. Nepal, Canada, Milan, Istanbul, USA, in this birth ofcorse.

20. Have you ever been to the circus? What did you think at the time?
Yes. I so wished to be on the motorbike which spins in a rim and testify the laws of gravity.

21. Are you wearing shoes right now? If so, describe them. If not, describe your socks/feet.
No. I believe, actually am sure i have exactly 8 fingers and two toes which are plain and simple, no cracks underneath them, no nail paints and ofcorse no foul smell.

22. List some of the things you’d like to do before you die.
  • Preach a bunch of people while i am on the top cabinet of my closet
  • To gather courage and tell the truth that I am really not interested in becoming a sissy to a handsome guy who wants to be my brother
  • Gather all bunch of idipots out there in world  in a room who ask the most idiotic question as asl plz and what are your hobbies and then ignite a dynamite in that room with no guilt at all
  • Have enough grand kids so i can whip them with my cane stick while narrating bed time stories resting on a redwood rocking chair
  • Buy a beach house
  • Find a job which pays for travelling
23. What do you prefer to write with - pencil, pen, crayon, Sharpie, lipstick, chalk etc.?
Whatever is handy, who cares anyways what it is written with as far as it conveys the point.

24. Do you like movies? What are your favorites?
Not really. I sleep halfway in most of them. Still i like few like abhiyam nannum, bomarillu, ddjl, wednesday,  blah blah.

25. Do you like chocolate? What’s your favorite kind? If not, why?
Partly, something with nuts, fruits, milk and something with an appealing cover, oh and did i mention when someone pays for it :P.

Now wasn't that fun? 
Give it a shot if you liked it.  Leave me your link in the comment, i would love to read yours.

Till then Happy Weekend my friends.
 I won't wish you all friendship day because friends should be someone whom you can connect even  without feeling the lapse of time, day and date.

02 August, 2011


 Baffled I am as
each and every confection
calls for confession

"C"' connect + cut (C+X)

C is for Connecticut.
Yep, the state of constitution. The state which cuts you from ordinary life and helps you connect to your self (state slogan often used for vacation promotions).  So, its my new place of abode (for the people who read my  posts).  

PS: I cannot get over the pun in the pic. Didn't i mention travelling is fun?

C is for Children.
How hard is to connect with ourselves? Children’s world is fascianting and so wonderful. This is what comes to my mind when I watch Curious George and Caillou.

C is for Cycle.

Surely, as ABC team mentioned C is almost a circle, I believe it is definitely a circle. So, as I reached Conneticut my friend received me with the celebration balloons. Celebration is a cycle, which begins with music, cakes and then you worry about the calories and often use allergy medicine because every nibble of those nuts counts!!!

C is for Common Sense. 

Hell  No! Ladies have some mercy on your spine, when you adorn those spiky heels. Though they say moving outside the comfort zone is necessary for change, common sense is the word to be coined for caution.  Crunch your spine for the right purpose.

C is for Correct!
How difficult is it to make a correct choice? Often times we fail to choose the correct. I have the three C checklist for making a correct choice.

So, if you are conscious about what makes you comfortable and confident, there is no way you cannot be correct.

Did you like my C post?  Would love to see your comments. For more ABC posts check the link.
Cya, until then and ofcorse stay cool. 


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