26 June, 2014

Doodley Doo

Recently, I discovered an app (SMemo) on my android which allows me to not only scribble but import pictures and doodle on it.  Voila! i found my inner artist jumping up and down out of joy.  Just for the record, my drawing teacher had given up on ability to sketch or paint years ago :P

But, still i think, I can amuse you a little bit ;)
Leafy Mouse

Hairy Birdie

Branchy Butterfly

15 June, 2014

To liberate is to give!

To fly is what i desire,
So be the wings for me.
Love does bind people,
but to liberate is the new to give.
I know you fear heights,
So I shall undertake such flights
And capture those views.
Because when i land,
Be rest assured,
I wouldn't blink my eyes,
until you grasp those views.

03 June, 2014


Forget it,  like a bad dream.

Dreams they say,
Dreams become thoughts,
Act on those thoughts to make it a reality.
So, why should I forget my dream?

Mind it, like water.

Mind they say
Mind your heart when indecisive
Heart is what makes you alive.
So, why do I need a mind to decide?


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