20 May, 2010

My reflections on certain Quotes

 When you are in doubt what people will think while expressing yourself  in words, actions or writing remind yourself that  :

If you wake up with a dream that sounds too good to be true or silly, pat yourself and be proud that you are using god given gift of thinking, for no dream comes randomly, it’s a thought in your conscious/subconscious mind. We would have been on horses than cars if someone did not imagine in different way. Remind yourself that:

Often we compromise with our situations for the sake of responsibility, money and pleasure but Your soul will never buy it! It’s okay to get driven by impulse sometimes.  Remind yourself that:

The worst you can do is to judge someone in a good spirit.  Your pessimistic thought affects the aura of good the other person is trying to achieve.  Remind yourself that:

In the materialistic world we love to adore ourselves with makeup, perfumes, and clothing but never see yourself incomplete without them. For it is You who carries them. Remind yourself of this wonderful Quote:

Finally, something from my Pen,

May God Bless You all with abundance of Health, Wealth but most importantly Intellect and Heart to live as human beings and make this journey of life worth living!

15 May, 2010

My mother

Probably the first word I ever uttered
What a lovely expression it is Ma!
How can I deny the fact that my existence
would have been sheer mud without Your touch.
Mummy, You influence me in various ways
To mention a few,
I owe my cooking skills from your hand note recipe,
That you wrote fearing I would starve.
I owe my ability to stand by adverse times,
As I have seen you adapting to situations while I grew up.
Being a cleanliness freak, respectful to elders, modest to rest
They seem to be minute things in daily life
Yet, they make me the person I am Today!
I cannot forget the struggles you have gone through to raise me,
Just as the minute details you paid towards getting me accessories for my saree.
I love the way you carry yourself in various roles you portray in life.
However, I feel the bond between us is somewhat hollow,
As I fail to open myself to you,
For I believe I cannot be rational with you.
Oh! How dumb was I to understand that,
Rationality is not meant to be adored by Mothers,
Whom else would the world resort for care and solace if Mothers turned rational?

14 May, 2010


When you need a loud laugh
Give me a call
I will be your clown!
When you need to cry
Give me a call
I will be your soaking tissue!
When you need a push
Give me a call
I will be your cheerleader!
When you need a ear to lent your rents
Give me a call
I will be your sound absorbing wall!
When you feel empty,
Give me a call
I will be there to complete You!
O My Friend,
I am sorry if the expression sounds too cheesy,
But all I want to say is
Trust is one binding bead to our relation
And Love is another binding bead to the bond we share.

Ponder - My first poem published on poetry.com@2006

One fine Morning,
On My bed,
I set to Ponder,

What did I get from church?
Was it peace of mind and devotion;
Or was it the noise of bells and crew?

What did I get from meadows?
Was it the greenery and coolness;
Or was it bareness and dirt?

What did I get from education?
Was it refinement of manners and discipline;
Or was it punishment and dictatorship?

What did I get from relations?
Was it love and caring;
Or was it jealousy and hatred?

What did I get from this thought?
Was it constructed to a rhyme;
Or was it discarded as a silly expression?

My Father

My Dearest Pappa,

Walking down the aisle of my memory lane,
I recollect you

             Waiting at school gate with candies,
                              so, I would attend my K.G. class.
             Learning new ways to make chart of alphabets,
                              so, I would memorize them.
             Teaching me Math and Grammar,
                               so, I would do my homework
             Bringing Ice-cream everyday during exams,
                               so, I would have a peace of mind.
                         Rebuking Mummy over bothering me
                                           so, I could have a short hair cut.
                         Walking ten different shops
                                          so, I could have my desired outfit.
                         Cheering me whenever I am doom
                                           so, I would regain my spirits
                         Adapting to the new technologies
                                          so, I could communicate at ease.
                        Emailing me the thoughts of wisdom
                                          so, I would not be baffled over life.
                        Lending a silent ear to all my debates
                                         so, I could convey my concerns.
                       Taking pride in every little achievement of mine
                                          so, I strive for the best.
Jotting down my bonding with you on this scrap of paper
would limit me to few moments that I have with you
Whereas my journey in this life would have not begin
had it not been Your hands to carry me!
Here, I pause not end
            for my relation with You is beyond words!

I recommend three lovely movies I cherish about father-child relation to everyone who is interested. You can find them on youtube with english subtitles.
Hindi: Waqt(2005)
Tamil: Abhiyum Naanum
Telugu: Bommarillu

Gujarati Lullaby-1

Podhavu  chu ,vahla mara hayana na noor ne
Ramva bolavo , Vahla tamara bag ma;
                        Ramva Bolavo Vahla
                        Ramva Bolavo(2)                  
Hichke Zulavu chu, Vahla mara hayana noor ne
Nindar thi bheto, Vahla tamari sharan ma.
                        Nindar thi bheto Vahla,
                        Nindar thi Bheto(2)

Soliloquy in hindi

ऊह तोह नहीं था की हमने नहीं बदली करवाते,
पर आज जो बदली करवटे तोह लगा की बदली है ज़िन्दगी.

ऊह तोह नहीं था किसके आने का इंतज़ार
नहीं था किसीके जाने का गम

पूछा जो मैंने यह क्या हुआ है मुझे
चुपके से आई एक गूंज

उस गूंज की गुन्नाहत से होती है हलचल
जब कहती हैं धुंद सको तोह धुंद लो अपने आप को

हैं बेकाबू यह जिया 
क्या धुंद लेगी यह नज़रें अपने आप को?

You and Me

Life is long
when i long for you,

Life is short,
when we are close,

Life is full of love,
when i feel your love,

Life is meaningless,
when you are not with me,

Life is perfect with us,
then why are we not together?

Gujarati Lullaby-2

Alla-ha Alla-ha Alla-ha
Mara vahla ne alla-ha
Nana nana tara
Tara Upar pari
Pari bhai ne vahli
Lave meethi nindar
Avi avi avi  (2)
Avi meethi nindar(2)


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