25 January, 2015



For people who have been reading my stuff, I have two new things to share with you.

If you notice on the home page, you will see two other tabs :

1. My Instagram page link
2. My AudioBlog (yes, i hear you when you say i write too much).

So, please check them out and stay tuned.


12 January, 2015

Shadow Dance

At the Cusp of Light and Shadow

 Day in and Day out,
We chase the shadow in dark,
Instead embrace light. 

I was asked "Really, Do I inspire you? " by a friend, whom i showed my gratitude for inspiring me to embrace better things in life. 
Friend responded: "I was about to cut down the frequency of my social media posts, as most of my friends complain, i post too much"
My Response was: I  follow light. I might get lost, if I choose to be a shadow. 

This lead me to think hard. 
With so much attention to our social presence on web, we have forgotten what reality feels like. I have often come across people envying, sighing looking at posts/pictures/videos from their circles on social media, aspiring to be in their shoes and competing to be better. Not realizing, they are just shadowing others and in turn someone else becomes their shadow. A shadow will always be greater than real object but does it have any identity by itself ?

The circle of influence can be very mighty, so why not take it to our advantage and shed light in the dark? 
Its in the dark, lonesome time; one gets to befriend their inner soul which shows path. 
Use that brilliance of your soul and identity to inspire people around you by the little things you do.  

PS: Feels refreshing to get back to Haiku :)


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