01 December, 2016

Raat baaki.... Baat baaki...

The clock struck 12:30am,
So, i gathered myself 
and march towards the kitchen,
to grab a quick snack.
Quietly, i sneak back on my side of bed.
All of sudden,
I feel you pulling me towards you,
Rubbing your chin in the space between my neck and ear,
You ask: now that you are full, so how about my hunger?
Sheepishly, i toss around to face you,
And whisper in your ears: "i thought you would never ask"
And with sheer playfulness and sharp wit,
                                                                                we began to unravel the dark spaces between us.
                         A lot of talking took place between you and me, 
this time without any words.

raat baaki....
Baat baaki...
Ho jaane do..

07 November, 2016

Picture abhi baaki hain doston

Its a regular Saturday morning;
On the king size bed that we lay by each other,
Endearingly, i caress your hair  and leave for my chores with a peck on your cheek.
After two hours when i check for you at the breakfast table,
the tea has turn cold and food has lost it aroma.
By now, we have come to terms,
that dragging you out of bed is the kind of love you prefer.
So be it!
Willingly i surrender to your embrace,
When the warmth of our proximity recharges you enough,
We are back to talking of how we can spend the rest of the day.
For loving someone the way they want despite your rational is what selfless/unconditional love is!

There will be days when you will learn how having a fat-free yogurt vs Greek yogurt or arranging bowls before  glasses in dishwasher or separating whites from color in laundry makes a difference to establish peace on dinner table.
There will be nights when i will have to believe staring at TV does not mean you are upset at me or letting you hang out with your guys or making the first move in bed makes a difference to establish  passion in hearts. 

Your acting boyish: leaving the toilet seat up, throwing wet bath towel on bed, leaving stinky socks in hallway and
My acting girlish: taking selfies everywhere, throwing  tantrums, getting excited over little nothings- Saying sorry for things we do not really understand, will be part of our lives from now on.
Sharing is caring they say:  ab, Sharing that king size bed with giggles and caring with cuddles every other day is the picture we choose to re-play.
Its something we would exchange for belonging to each other. 

Raat Haseen Ye Chand Haseen 
Tu Sabse Haseen Mere Dilbar 
Aur Tujhse Haseen, Tera Pyaar

Pyaar Mein Hai Jeevan Ki Khushi
Deti Hai Khushi Kai Gam Bhi 
Main Maan Bhi Loon Kabhi Haar 
Tu Maane Na ...
Yeh Nayan Dare Dare...

10 October, 2016

Smile a Mile

On their walk the other day,
He asked her how come " You are so quiet, you do not stop talking over phone?"
squeezing his hand little firmly with a smile on her face,
She replied "How do I tell you, that its a walk I tread with you everyday "
With my endless chatter:
of things big and small,
of people unknown and unknown,
of feelings sweet and sour,
with you being the silent listener.
Silently I wish, you continue where I paused last;
while i look at your expressions, your responses up close.
Him: Doll you are!
Your eyes talk but, what is this sparkle all of a sudden?
Her: Its my heart smiling at you,
so, you can see the happiness it feels to have you by me.

Milte rahe jo aise hi dono
Lag na jaaye ishq ki nazar
Aye dil farebi, tham sa gaya kyun
Aisi waisi baat soch kar

Bas mein na mere ab ye raha hai
Tujh pe aake dil ye jo ruka hai
Aise tera main.. Jaise mera tu
Jaise Mera Tu..

12 September, 2016

Itni si baat Kale Chasme ki...

Chaloji aaj saaf saaf kehti hoon,
Mainu Kala Chasma na Jachda, na jachda.
Because, if i would start rocking my Kala chasma look on my gora gora mukhda,
Boy! I will miss loving you like i am going to loose you.
Those kala chasma will hide my dreamy eyes
Eyes:which have learnt to fall asleep to dreams.
Dreams: where i meet and talk to you:all that i don't, otherwise.
By now, I vow;
I have lived a life.
Sharing  the deepest secrets,
Running the wildest gardens,
Walking the prettiest beaches,
Conversing the most senseless talks,
and Laughing my heart out,
liking you.
Yes,  just liking you.
The way: you would never be loved by else.
Because, that's how we are everything but, ourselves behind those Kala Chasma.

Because, that's how we fake our conversations that ended longtime ago by emoticons,
Because, that's how we cover up paleness of life with blush,
Because, paperboats and sand castles are meant for kids,
Because, that's how we act matured and be an adult na?
Because, that's how we rock the Kala Chasma look.
So, mainu Kala Chasma na Jachda, na Jachda.

Chaloji aaj saaf saaf kehti hoon,
Mainu kala chashma na jachda, na jachda.
I am such a "look at that" kinda girl
that when my proximity gives you a boner.
I would point to it and say "look at that"!
And when you would embarrassingly hide it,
you would see me gleaming with proud ownership of that "authentic self" of you!
So, Mainu kala chashma na jachda, na jachda.

16 August, 2016

Ka-Ki karte karte..

Ek ajeeb dastaan hain pyaar ki.
kisi KA dil, 
kisi KI hatheli ka mohtaj ban gaya.
kisi KA Izhaar,
kisi KI Ikraar ka mohtaj ban gaya.
kisi KA Jazba,
kisi KI haan/na(labz) ka mohtaj ban gaya.

Phir bhi,
Ibadaat yahin karte hain!
yeh KI ankhein jab bandh ho,
toh  khawab aap hi KA ho!!

14 July, 2016

Picky? Meh...

                                    When, Dishi?
                      What are you looking?
Don't you feel the need of someone?

                              Would i want to wake up to someone who smiles to have me by his side
 Would i want someone to delegate my mundane tasks, so i could do whats priority to me?
                                                              Would i want someone to discuss my not so practical dreams?
                                                                                                                    Of course, Yes. Hell ya!

Now read again,  i emphasize the word "want" not "need" in above sentences.
I can easily meet and take care of my needs(gender equality morcha is too shallow, i m talking of individuality, so shh)

For needs are meant for living,
wants are meant for evolving.
I am already living,
I am looking for evolving!
Abb,  evolving mein time to lagta haina, dosto ;)

Toh you see,
when someone makes me feel,
He can take care of my wants,
that would be the time,
I would roar on the mountains,

Too demanding? 
Go sue Pepsi and Pan Parag,
who taught the 90's kid in me
Yeh dil mange more and Ek se mera kya hoga. 

Mujhko kya pata khwaab kaise hote hain
Hum to aaj ko hi khwaab jaise jite hain
Aawara hawa hun main na hath aoongi
Jaoongi jahaan wahaan sabko jhukaoongi
Pagli pagli pagli pagli
Pagli main jhalli

20 June, 2016


Some people are like morning cup of coffee/tea,
you could very well do without them,
But, Boy! don't they make you feel alive?

Some people fill up those spaces in you that you never knew existed,
Some people can take your mind to places that your eyes cannot.
They leave the imprint on your heart that you forget, who you were
before you met them.
Suddenly, you will draw apart from them.
Yes, you will be upset, angered by their departure.
But, when they return,
you don't waste time,
on asking why, when, where, what went wrong?
Rather, you crave
to get more of the smile on face and content to heart,
For, Its the only way, you have accepted to recognize them.

Sometime, someone rushes to be somewhere.
Wouldn't that be "some"time when that someone would be You and that
somewhere would be Me?

Iss pal ki ye guzaarish hai
Marna kyun, jee lena
Boondon ko pee lena
Hichki ruk jaane de
Siski tham jaane de
Tere hi sapno ki baarish hai
Paaniyon ko raste tu banaane de
Roshni ke pichhe khud ko jaane de
Kehta yeh pal
Khud se nikal
Jeete hain chal

16 May, 2016

Smartphone Addiction

If relations had market value,
May be people would start valuing them like their cellphones.
Ain't funny, today, we freak out losing or breaking cellphones
more than our delicate and precious relations?

Some things need to be understood,
as they cannot be spoken,
as they cannot be written.
But, smartphone addicts that we have become;
May be you cannot feel,
May be you cannot hear,
Least, you can read while scrolling,
                              -How about that?

01 May, 2016

Note To Self

Hello My Dear,
Its your Birthday Month. 
I wish You live to embrace and cherish the healthy, successful, joyous, adventurous, creative and peaceful version of You this Year!
Usually, I pen down a wish, a thought for you around this time of month to ponder and reflect on the spins you have taken over the years in this journey. I cannot spin the cycle of time around.  So, this year, I am writing you a note which If i were wise and proactive, would have told you to do to enjoy this journey. 

🗒Note to 5-15yr old self:  Play, more than you think you should.
Learn a sport, hobby to keep your body and brain active which in turn keeps you sane. Familiarize and make friends with your body and mind. Its all you got. This serves as your creative outlet,  stress relief and  confidence booster as you grow.

🗒15-25yr old self:  Read,  a lot more than you think you should
 Read not just textbooks,  but books to increase your awareness about your self, imagination, people, culture, religion, food, and places. If you like some personality, public figure- read about them, the way they do things: how they speak, their health routine, their dress style, their body language, their success mantra to thrive. Reading will help you enhance your self image.

🗒25-35yr old self:  Invest in yourself,  a lot more than you think you should. 
 Its time of your life to influence and win people and these 3 things will help you do it. 
1. Invest in earning a financial security(career, vocation), 
          2. Invest in earning relationships (family, friends, partner),
          3. Invest in earning your peace (creativity zone)
🗒35-45yr old self: Learn to say no,  a lot more than you think you should. 
Say no to unnecessary things/events/people/trips/errands; so you can say yes to something your older self would do and value (family, friends, passion).    Practice meditation to stay focused on needs of your workplace, home, and Self.  Develop a goal (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly). Anything that does not fit that goal, say no. 

🗒45-55yr old self:  Update, a lot more than you think you should.
Stay updated with people, technology, lifestyle and surroundings around you. This particular quality will help you remain in the game and flow in the changing times without losing your cool.
55-65yr old self: Remind, a lot more than you think you should.
Remind yourself of all that you have accomplished and still accomplish as each passing day. Own up to your mistakes and Forgive yourself along this journey. You are beautiful because you stayed strong along this journey and created a dance just known with your steps. Remember, you are worth this journey.

65-75yr old self: Devote, a lot more than you think you should.
Devote to the inner higher self within you for this journey. Devote in all the growth, leisure and learning that you tried to put behind your responsibilities or someday (I will do these) list.  Its never ever late to cherish that devotion to self.

to be continued for later years..

As i embrace myself tonight,
I bow down to thee- (Higher self )within me,
I thank you for putting up with me even when i ignore You, your call and your signs.
I thank you for loving me unconditionally.
I thank you for providing me friends and family to support and smile when I forget.
I thank you for teaching me to relax when i get too fast or pushing me when i get lazy.
I thank you for providing me shelter and protecting me through varying weather.
I thank you for the bountiful choices of clothing, shoes, accessories, gadgets and food each day.
I thank you for the ease of travel through varying means of transportation. 
I thank you for the ease of reaching out through varying means communication.
I thank you for the stress-free vocation that keeps me financially secured.
I thank you for the beauty (sea, trees, flowers, mountains) around me.
I thank you for the five functional senses through which i see, smell, hear, taste and touch.
I thank you for giving me the gift to express my feelings into words or speech.
I look forward to new day. I welcome this year for many such great gifts.

 PS: If you haven't seen "Khat" on youtube, you should.

11 April, 2016

Sunset Madness

Call me biased.
I have my bias towards sunset as -the time of my life.
Twilight colors is one of the perks about it but what really sets it
apart in my eyes is its patience.
It patiently waits for me.
Unlike dawn, it lends me the time.
Time: to finish my dreams.
Time: i think i need for the mundane errands.
Time: to cross the checklists of things i would like to accomplish.
So, finally in the evening i can return to it,
with the attention and love that it deserves.
That's how you reciprocate the wait of your loved one, na?
When glances speak louder than the words "I miss you"do,
When senses feel deeper than the words"I love you" do.
For in those glances and senses is where one finds home.
Home, sweet Home!

Excerpt from Diamond Rio's song:

One more day
One more time
One more sunset, maybe I'd be satisfied
But then again
I know what it would do
Leave me wishing still, for one more day with you"

28 March, 2016

Atrangi Yaari

O Dear,

Though far, you came close to my heart.
Without fail, I would recall you.
And, I am sure, 
you would be remembering me,
more than I think, you do.
I understand, in the race and rush of life,
you are waiting for that free moment,
where you can pour your heart out to me.
But, what to do? 
Today, my restlessness has taken over my thoughtfulness.

No matter how much I might relish a dish of my choice,
I do have to spit the unexpected stone out, na?
For, I have learned,
Painting empty walls and echoing them with laughter does not make a home;
So, does a needy and warranting relation doesn't form a loving bond.

You were not something I really needed,
You were not something I really wanted,
I, however, really valued you, as Air.
But then, it would be a shame on me as Biomedical Engineer na,
if i do not trust the effectiveness of LifeSupport devices?
Today, I release you from the burden of finding that respect and time for me.

~Satirically Yours
But you can say baby,
Baby can I hold you tonight,
Maybe if I told you the right words,
   At the right time you'd be mine.         

09 March, 2016

Dil ki Baat

एक बात अनसुनी सी
सुनानी थी तुम्हें;
जो केह दोगे अनसुनी सी बात
तो हो तुम यार!

एक बात हैं अनकही सी
कहनी थी तुम्हें;
जो सुन लोगे अनकही सी बात
तो हो तुम दिलबर!!

कह के जो अनसुनी कर दोगे
तो हो तुम यार!
सुन के  जो अनकही कर दोगे
तो हो तुम दिलबर!!

कुछ  बात दिल की 
होती हैं ऐसी
जो रहती हैं अनकही सी !
जो रहती हैं अनसुनी सी!!

29 February, 2016

Prem ni Vednaa..

Artwork in Mall

 Prem માં  રહેલ વિશ્વાસ  કહે  છે કે
"હૂં નહીં રહૂં ત્યારે તું મને યાદ કરીશ."
Prem માં રહેલ કચાસ પૂછે છે કે
"તને મારી યાદ આવશે ?"
When there is trust,
Love says "you will remember me when I am gone"
When there is doubt,
Love asks "would you remember me"?

 છે Prem ના પાસા બે :
એક જવા ઈચ્છે છે કે પ્રેમ ની યાદ આવે,
ને એક યાદ કરાવે છે કે કે Prem  જાય છે,
 હાય રે ! વેદના....
Two sides of love coin 
one wants to go, to be remembered
one reminds you, that love is going.
Oops! Love!
PS: લાગી આવ્યું ને?

Excerpt from another beautiful song:
Bas itna hai tumse kehna
Main rahun ya na rahun
Tum mujh mein kahin baaki rehna..

15 February, 2016

Chal! Aaje kahij de

શું તું જોઈ શકે છે:
કે દર સાંજે,
આ ઝરુખે 
હૂં તારી આતુરતા થી રાહ જોવું છું?
Can you see,
how eagerly, 
I wait for you,
every evening at this nook?

કેહવા માટે તોહ:
મારો તારા માટેનો લગાવ  , 
બે ઘડી નો (અતઃ એક રાતનો )  છે.

વિચારવા માટે તોહ:
મારો તારા માટેનો લગાવ ,
દૂર દેશી (અતઃલાંબુ અંતર ) છે.

If you look at it,
 we have one night stands.
If you think about it,
we are in a long distance relation.

આમ તારા દર સાંજે
જવાનો મને ગમ નથી
ફરી જયારે તું મલવા આવે છે તોહ:
તું નજરે પડતાજ,
મારા મુખ પર ની મલકાત,
 ને આંખોની ચમકને
શું તું જોઈ શકે છે ?
I am not disheartened 
to see you go every evening.
But, can you see the spark in my eyes and 
smile on my face when I see you again?

શું તું પણ મને એટલીજ પસંદ કરે છે?
કેહ છે તોહ તને સૂરજ દેવ
ને મારા મંદિર માં રહેલ દેવને છે અંગ મારા જેવા;
તોહ શું તું મને કોઈ દિન,
એક મસ્ત મજા ની જાદુ ની જ્હ્પ્પી
 કે હોઠોં ની પપ્પી,
આપી મને કહીશ:
હા, હૂં પણ તને ચાહું  છું ?

Do you love me too?
People call you Sun-God,
And the God in my temple has organs like me.
So, would you someday,
give me a tight hug or a kiss,
And say , 
Yes, I love you too?

My best goodbye to you of 2015!
If the sun could reply,
it would be something like this:
Excerpt from one of my latest favorite songs:
Jab raat koi na dhale
Subah main ban jaaunga
Bahaane se tere lab chhu loonga
Naa hoke bhi ho jaaunga

25 January, 2016


Howdy People!

Yet again, a new year has crept in before we can realize.
New goals, new us- how about better us this time?
It was full moon this weekend and full moon helps eliminating anything that prevents us from becoming our better selves. So, if you missed seeing it- least you could spend some time reflecting what's going on in your lives.

I have been pleasantly amused by events in my life.
Lots of travel.
Travel to places and people where I would like to belong.
Believe me or not, amidst clicking pictures of random birds, kayakers, building and outrageous selfies- I get lots of solitude time to reflect during my trips.
So, here it goes.
I often hear the expression: "If i had such sunny weather or time, I could be doing so many things"
My question is "have you ever really thought through those things"?
Wherever you are, I am sure, All of us have atleast one day of such perfect weather that
we absolutely think we would be thrilled to be.
So, do me a favor: next time you come across that day and time with perfect weather do all the things that would make your day a perfect one, to that point that it exhausts you at the end of day.
Next day, revisit all you did and see if that's what you wanted?
If so, remember to live to the fullest of every bit of that day whenever you get and remind yourself what all you are capable of enjoying, no matter where.
If not, what could you do to make it a memorable experience for you?
Is that experience really based on weather?
Find that experience and then find that trigger.

Hopefully, that shall help you feel better or live better or cherish better :)
Happy Exploring!

Love, Regards and lots of words,

18 January, 2016


Jab Nazara kuch aisa ho toh dil kyu na shyarana ho!
I am overwhelmed to see a perfect landscape unfurling before my eyes. 
As I sip my chai, 
rocking on the glider swing(yes, i bought it),
and overlooking the sun reflecting its rays on the trees through my window. 
Surely - we love the image we create of a person we like, than what they really are!

Maybe in coming days,
I might loose this sight or
not have luxury to sip this chai or
rock this swing.
But this very moment,
I am here,
and its all mine to cherish

How often do your wishes get granted ?
It is this moment, i have dreamt of living in the past couple of years.
Blessed and Thrilled-I am to live this moment of my imagination.

 जब मनचाही चीज़ को आँखों से खूब ताड़ लो, 
तोह उनके दिल के करीब जाके ,
उन्हें अपनापन महसूस कराना भी जरुरी होता हैं।।  

04 January, 2016

Happy New Year!!!

My thought for you today is:

"Do one thing each day that makes you feel good."
You are happy when you feel good.
So, Guess what ?
Such 365 days of feeling good makes a Happy Year :)

PS: Incase you miss one day of feeling good like we miss exits, get back, we got 366 days this year :)


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