07 November, 2016

Picture abhi baaki hain doston

Its a regular Saturday morning;
On the king size bed that we lay by each other,
Endearingly, i caress your hair  and leave for my chores with a peck on your cheek.
After two hours when i check for you at the breakfast table,
the tea has turn cold and food has lost it aroma.
By now, we have come to terms,
that dragging you out of bed is the kind of love you prefer.
So be it!
Willingly i surrender to your embrace,
When the warmth of our proximity recharges you enough,
We are back to talking of how we can spend the rest of the day.
For loving someone the way they want despite your rational is what selfless/unconditional love is!

There will be days when you will learn how having a fat-free yogurt vs Greek yogurt or arranging bowls before  glasses in dishwasher or separating whites from color in laundry makes a difference to establish peace on dinner table.
There will be nights when i will have to believe staring at TV does not mean you are upset at me or letting you hang out with your guys or making the first move in bed makes a difference to establish  passion in hearts. 

Your acting boyish: leaving the toilet seat up, throwing wet bath towel on bed, leaving stinky socks in hallway and
My acting girlish: taking selfies everywhere, throwing  tantrums, getting excited over little nothings- Saying sorry for things we do not really understand, will be part of our lives from now on.
Sharing is caring they say:  ab, Sharing that king size bed with giggles and caring with cuddles every other day is the picture we choose to re-play.
Its something we would exchange for belonging to each other. 

Raat Haseen Ye Chand Haseen 
Tu Sabse Haseen Mere Dilbar 
Aur Tujhse Haseen, Tera Pyaar

Pyaar Mein Hai Jeevan Ki Khushi
Deti Hai Khushi Kai Gam Bhi 
Main Maan Bhi Loon Kabhi Haar 
Tu Maane Na ...
Yeh Nayan Dare Dare...


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