16 November, 2015

Yeh mera Deewanapun hain...


There is a reason to this craziness,
which ends at a Welcomed "Home" 
So, let her Hurry Home.

In the beats of the music,
rhythm of the dance,
twilight colors of the sky,
rays of the sun,
luminance of the moon,
twinkle of the stars,
sways of the swing, 
breezes of the wind,
waves of the sea,
She rummages her heart 
for the traces of  The One.
The one with whom she feels at Home.

Quoting few lines from one of my favorite songs
 "Yeh Mera Deewanapan Hai 
Ya Mohabbat Ka Suroor 
Tu Na Pehchaane To Hai Yeh 
Teri Nazron Ka Kusoor 
Yeh Mera Deewanapan ..."

PS: If you look up this song, try Susheela Raman's version

02 November, 2015

Crazy, Kiya re!

She is an ordinary girl,
She sensitizes me as she breathes life in her.
Sunsets, moonshine, clouds, fountains, waves, paperboats,  parks, songs, lights;
are just few things I now look forward to in my life.

Her way of life shows me why exactly, i miss childhood,
No doubt, she is treasured as her father's princess.

While, the world wants me to be "the Man",
Boy! I wish, wishing on shooting stars were for real.

She is "CRAZY" 
              -finally, a face put to the "name".

P.S. Did that description make you stretch your lips  and nod your head?
- told ya, she is Crazy

There is a reason to this craziness,
which ends at a Welcomed "Home" 
So, let' her Hurry Home.

                     To be continued................


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