10 October, 2016

Smile a Mile

On their walk the other day,
He asked her how come " You are so quiet, you do not stop talking over phone?"
squeezing his hand little firmly with a smile on her face,
She replied "How do I tell you, that its a walk I tread with you everyday "
With my endless chatter:
of things big and small,
of people unknown and unknown,
of feelings sweet and sour,
with you being the silent listener.
Silently I wish, you continue where I paused last;
while i look at your expressions, your responses up close.
Him: Doll you are!
Your eyes talk but, what is this sparkle all of a sudden?
Her: Its my heart smiling at you,
so, you can see the happiness it feels to have you by me.

Milte rahe jo aise hi dono
Lag na jaaye ishq ki nazar
Aye dil farebi, tham sa gaya kyun
Aisi waisi baat soch kar

Bas mein na mere ab ye raha hai
Tujh pe aake dil ye jo ruka hai
Aise tera main.. Jaise mera tu
Jaise Mera Tu..


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