24 June, 2010

Playing with suffix -ing (pinch of gujarati)

Early in the Morn-ing Morn-ing
Alaram kare Trr-ing Trr-ing!!
Ready Tha-ing Tha-ing
School Go-ing Go-ing!!
Zumba danc-ing danc-ing
Food banv-ing banav-ing!!
Light jhabuk-ing jhabuk-ing
Night pad-ing pad-ing!!
Book vach-ing vach-ing
Blog writ-ing writ-ing!!
Feel bor-ing bor-ing
Think shu kar-ing kar-ing!!
Tv jo-ing jo-ing
Serial actor ro-ing ro-ing!!
News repeat-ing repeat-ing
Popcorn khau-ing khau-ing!!
Friend jode chat-ing chat-ing
Fun avi-ing avi-ing!!
Music sambhd-ing sambhd-ing
Dreams com-ing com-ing!!

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