15 May, 2010

My mother

Probably the first word I ever uttered
What a lovely expression it is Ma!
How can I deny the fact that my existence
would have been sheer mud without Your touch.
Mummy, You influence me in various ways
To mention a few,
I owe my cooking skills from your hand note recipe,
That you wrote fearing I would starve.
I owe my ability to stand by adverse times,
As I have seen you adapting to situations while I grew up.
Being a cleanliness freak, respectful to elders, modest to rest
They seem to be minute things in daily life
Yet, they make me the person I am Today!
I cannot forget the struggles you have gone through to raise me,
Just as the minute details you paid towards getting me accessories for my saree.
I love the way you carry yourself in various roles you portray in life.
However, I feel the bond between us is somewhat hollow,
As I fail to open myself to you,
For I believe I cannot be rational with you.
Oh! How dumb was I to understand that,
Rationality is not meant to be adored by Mothers,
Whom else would the world resort for care and solace if Mothers turned rational?

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