02 June, 2010


We all aim for Colorful World,
But when it comes to making choices
We end up with just three colors: Black, White and Gray.
Black and White are the base colors.
Gray is deduced from Black and White.

When all colors blend they form Black.
Black is considered as sign Of
Darkness,Vagueness, Unhappiness and Turbulence.
Whereas no color can make white, it is pure.
White is considered as sign Of
Light, Clarity, Happiness and Peace.
When these two colors blend
They form Gray.
How can it be a ultimate choice
when its existence is dependent on other two colors?

When you decide something,
Make it Black Or White decision
for Gray doesnot count.
Life has too many twists
Why add more by being Gray?

So I Say,
Gray is Illusion!
Black and White is reality!!

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