02 June, 2010

My Photography

I love this shot!
Look at their feet: Rightmost is raised to step forward (represents childhood), Centermost is anchored between sand and air(represents middle age), Leftmost is landed firmly (represents old age).
[NEWS FLASH: That girl in pic is not ME]


So amazed at the natural shades light-dark, soft-harsh.  Rhymes with a lyric in itself.

How wonderful would it be to  bid farewell to Sun who meets the Horizon.

Two Pure forms togather : Innocence and Nature.

If you observe the pattern of waves you can see 4  stages of life: Raised, Raise-Settled, Settled &  Drifted.

  I Wish to leave behind my footsteps on people's lives with grace and dignity, so people can look up to it to cherish their lives.

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