18 October, 2011

New Generation- Does it sound familiar?

Have you heard of the phrase,  "You won't get it, its a new generation thing"?
I guess, yes, if you were one of those rebellious teens who thought they knew everything, you might have blabbered it once in your lifetime to your parents, uncles, aunty or  grandparents.
I had so called dejavu experience recently.
A few months ago, my little cousin visited me.
To introduce her, i would say,  she was the one whom i have cradled,  changed diaper and given the sun baths, yada yada. Hope that helps. So, one day, i still remember the time and date this incident took place.
We were at mall, trying to get her a prom dress. And being a one shop person, anxiously, i asked her after visiting the 6th shop, what kind of dress was she exactly looking for? And the response i got, made me bite my nails. It was "Its a new generation thing, you won't get it".
 Don't they say you are never prepared for everything in this life.
Ok, so i was prepared hear this from my forth coming kids or grand kids, but from a cousin who is just 5yr younger to me??? Hell, No!
 My heart stopped beating for that moment and i gave a silent look in the mirror across.
I swear, i felt like sinking in the earth at that moment, but the mirrors around wouldn't let me escape the reality.
 I narrated this incident to my mom over the phone, and i could still hear her giggling over the fact and consoling me saying " You are getting old, my bachaa".

Tip to all who accompany their younger siblings for shopping: Never, ever ask what they want.


  1. haha well said..point noted ..but my little sister is demanding ..guess what her birthday is on 111111 this year and i asked her what she wants ...and her instant reply was Iphone 4s :P :P I was like why did i ask her haha :P

  2. Demanding for sure!!! I told ya don't ever ask them.

  3. life has just life, round and round... once upon a time you might have told such lines to your elders(parents).. this time its your turn.. just a differential factor here is you got it bit early... Looks like earth/life is moving fast...!!! :D

  4. ya, i guess its all about KARMA at the end :P (lol!)

  5. Hahahaha...poor you :) I am already resigned to the fact and accept it about myself :)

  6. haha!!
    I hope my elder brother never comes across this post. :P


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