11 August, 2010

Let me hear you say Yes!

Are we alright?
We exchanged glances
when you came to restaurant the other day
But there was something that i had to say
I was thinking if
We just walked down the street
and asked your hand to hold me forever
would you let me down?

We do have conflicts of
Of uncommon interests, faith and lifestyle
But, Baby if you can see these differences are relative
Together we can make it work
I know i'm persuasive and impulsive
However, my decision for you is not a click!
It’s the way I feel with You
That makes me feel together we can do it
Why should we go by the protocols
Let's stop dragging it and
Do it our own way.

Your Composure
My Impulse
When blended in the holy ceremony
It'd be too much for our parents to believe
Our Mummies crying on the side
Our Daddies rejoicing with pride.

I know it is way beyond
the banal custom
To see a girl asking a boy!
But Hey! All I want to say is
I would not like to let you go.
So if you are ready to open up
If you're ready to give
If you're ready for us
Let me hear you say that
You have thought enough to say
Yes I will!

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