25 November, 2012

Happily Busy to liberate

Someday, when I would be busy,
Out of your reach
Out of your sight
That’s when I would be set free
In your thoughts
In your heart
And then you would know what “missing” someone is.
I would hate for someone who is close to me 
To tread this path.
But it’s a freedom you craved for
And I would let you have it.

Its when you liberate, the universe embraces you to abundance


  1. Usually it's out of sight, out of mind. But this side is true as well.

    Very well written Dishita. :)

  2. L 2 C,

    One tends to take someone who is with him or her always as granted. It is only when he or she is away that one misses him or her. Message conveyed very nicely.

    Take care


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