31 August, 2015

" Waah Waah Manji, Jodi Kya Banayi"

Have you ever held a delicate thing in your hands?
So delicate that you think its hard to replace or break.
Have you ever felt desperate for someone?
So desperate that you do not want to loose sight of that person.
Have you ever longed for someone?
Longed so much that you can't avoid touching them when you finally meet.

Have you ever sighed with satisfaction on someone's arrival?
So satisfied that you start blushing.

That's how intense i feel the vibe around me as i sit on my flight,
and  painstakingly i admire the charisma of this mesmerizing couple.

Waah waah Man-ji, jodi kya banaayi
Cellphone bhaiya aur Wifi bhabhi ko badhaai ho badhaai
Sab rasmon se badi hai jag mein network se network ki sagaai!

NB: Happy E-Rakhi ;)

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