02 November, 2015

Crazy, Kiya re!

She is an ordinary girl,
She sensitizes me as she breathes life in her.
Sunsets, moonshine, clouds, fountains, waves, paperboats,  parks, songs, lights;
are just few things I now look forward to in my life.

Her way of life shows me why exactly, i miss childhood,
No doubt, she is treasured as her father's princess.

While, the world wants me to be "the Man",
Boy! I wish, wishing on shooting stars were for real.

She is "CRAZY" 
              -finally, a face put to the "name".

P.S. Did that description make you stretch your lips  and nod your head?
- told ya, she is Crazy

There is a reason to this craziness,
which ends at a Welcomed "Home" 
So, let' her Hurry Home.

                     To be continued................

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