24 July, 2011

Here and There


Hope everyone is in the "pink" of their health. Isn't it strange you think of health when you are ill?
So, its been freaking Hot at my place,  97-110F temperature for 4 days at a stretch. Oh don't give me that eye saying that's normal in India thing! I will bang your head right there.  Its HOT and trust it when an Indian says these two golden words, heat and tan. You can't wrong with those. For proof, i am 4 shades tanner than what i was last week, all thanks to the sun kissed weather, that i barely recognize myself as indian. I feel more like a red or say orange indian.

So, I went to Air Show this weekend. Its a great place to witness "The Men" in uniform. There is something with uniform and girl's fantasy that goes without saying :). If i had the art to sell the curiosity, i would have filled pages about it. So, when i am surrounded with men in blue, white and green (Airforce, Navy, Military) there is an immense flow of joy, pride and discipline in my skeleton that in other places and days would be just a good boy/girl's lookout. Seriously, haven't you felt the same when you are surrounded by such people? I have to admit stars have always fascinated me may it be in the sky, the one my kindergarten teacher gave on my assignment or on the uniform. Ahh, i used to take pride in the increasing # and colors of stars on my Dad's uniform. As a matter of fact, i love those stars on any man, but the feeling of mine ( as my Dad) still outweighs it.  The synchronous march, formulation, salutation, ever longing spirit, mad dash parties, oh boy!!! Just love it, after all who doesn't like dignity, charm and fame? Again, i am the one who gets influence easily, but these Men, make me go woo whoooo!!! So, its a sheer joy to witness these Men even with the skin burning more than the jet bus 750HP exhaust and extending my eyes beyond the 20 degree radar of thunder birds. Oh did i mention, the mimic of Pearl Harbor attack being reenacted was something not to miss.  At this time, i give a damn to the amount $$$ gasoline used for these shows, the pollution created due to artificial bombs and noise pollution. If for this experience, there would drought of gasoline and green house effect  or  some1 gets deaf,  i would still say its Worth IT!!!

I have been to these shows in past, but the company of my beloved friends just makes it a thing to look forward every year. It is in abundance we forget the value of these beloved ones and the quality time we spend with them. I feel nostalgic at the end of such days when am all exhausted and its time to wave goodbye. I just don't wanna stay away from the "wesome" company. Its the charm of friendship, where we join dots out of no where.

This week, i have been mostly focusing winding up my things as i move to a new place next Saturday. Read couple of good Haiku's and other blogger posts that i follow. Sometimes, i just feel, i must read them and forget about putting my thoughts, for their experiences, whines, troubled thoughts make me feel full. Its their whines and lively conversations i feel i have better perspective than when i read books. Again, just my view, book readers, hands up to you!!! Just not my piece of page and read ;) I can't imagine boring my fellow travel mate on flight or Amtrak with an illusive novel and straight face drugged in it, while the mate makes obvious attempts to make some conversation to know me and my fantasies. I can't miss that hall of fame, where people willingly give ear to my outstanding and absolute nothings. I often reconnect with those travel mates, as i am often given visiting cards or contact details after our wesome journey, some have turned good friends over the period and others have just been a lonesome card in the dungeon of my purse. That reminds me, my gregariousness was mistaken by my other travel mate as a call girl last time i planned to travel in general coach while visiting my parents in India. Fun times, well, you know, you can't go right everywhere and with everyone. I had a short panic attack handling the situation, cultural intelligence is something you need to adopt when travelling was my lesson learnt.


  1. Dishita,

    Could not visit for a few day and look how much I lagged behind. I will be back tomorrow to read all pending posts before I say anything.

    Take care

  2. @Jack: i don't blame you for not able to visit, with the # of fan following you have ;). Surely, look forward to your views.

  3. Dishita,

    No comments of weather except that do take care of yourself. Read all pending posts and left comments from Blue Eyes onwards.

    Take care

    PS : Again visit delayed as Disheeta used to oust me to take over PC to play dress up games. How can I not allow our 3 1/2 years old granddaughter for that?

  4. Dishita,

    Forgot to ask, was your father in Armed Forces?

    Take care

  5. Jack,
    you flooded my blog with your comments, thank you for your time.
    Since your grandkid shares my name, ofcrse i have to consider it. Nope, my dad is in customs/excise, but they do have ranking systems and have to wear uniforms.

  6. I went once to such a show and the aircrafts there got me horny.
    I was in love with MIG-29. Like "OMG OMG OMG look mig29!! OMG OMG OMG.. can I touch it.." kind of love.
    The girls standing there looked at me like a freak..
    But Mig 29 is worth it :p
    Also Men in uniforms?.. who notices them? oh yea.. girls!

  7. @xyzandme: OMG!!! they way you started i was expecting something other than OMG's.
    Don't you get me started on girls and uniforms.
    I am laughing at your comments, you are so spontaneous.

  8. Those "OMG"'s were the censored version of that 'something else' given the pg13 nature of this blog :p

    'Don't you get me started on girls and uniforms.' << This sounds so wrong at so many different levels.

    The person who is way more spontaneous and who can far bigger smile on your face than me is mr.bean.. Check this out:

  9. @xyzandme:
    Appreciate your mercy of not using your enriched vocab here.

    Geez! I forget whom i am talking too.
    Still men in uniforms rock.

    Mr. Bean is all time fav.

  10. Yes missy I do take care about the domain of definition :p

    Also you are anyways reading my blog for my enriched vocab :p


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