16 July, 2011

No strings attached- come away with me III

Hi there,
As I mentioned, I have been travelling and relocating to a new place pretty soon. I feel great relief  flowing through my eyes and spine when I return to my abode. As they say nothing feels as great as it feels at home. What is to be at home? Is it the welcome door mat, the pure aroma of spices in kitchen, the laughter in rooms, the flat screen plasma, the murmurs behind the doors, the luxurious bed, the tiny patio facing the sea, that makes you feel at peace? Its the overall effect of being with ourselves and with the surrounding, dear ones that we cherish. A home captures the memories of several "first moments" and sentiments while we take shelter and foster ourselves in it. When life seems gray and haunting we seek solace in our tiny room of home, no matter how big it is, no matter where it is located or how much it costs.

Been six years i have been to the place i am at present. Still it amuses me each time, I feel I have known it. As my life demands progression, I am moving with new set of goals and objectives. Never, until now it occurred to me, how life outside this place would be.  Not, that I never wished to be outside the small town, but feel heavy within to wave it goodbye.  How do you say Goodbye to something you have hold on to be what you are right now?  Is it so easy to loosen those strings attached with you?

Treading mysterious life,
loosening the Strings attached;
Summons other Fall.

As travel is on my mind, I recollect the wording of the song from Metallica .


  1. It has real co-incidence about your blog and my feeling - which i just felt when i returned my home after 2 months. Home is just home..!!! no place can replace that serenity and comfort we enjoy there.

  2. Home is wherever you make it. It is so hard to move. I moved frequently throughout my childhood, but if you approach moving in the right way, it's a chance for growth and adventure.

  3. Welcome "home!"

  4. Maybe not that easy to let go of a second home to return home. Takes some time to get used to it I think :)

    Your haiku much better this week too :) 7-7-5 this time. Maybe if the first line was, "Tread life's mystery", then it would be a good matching haiku..

  5. @Lola: Yes i agree home is where the heart is!
    @Beccagivens: Thanks for dropping by.

  6. @Leo: Yes, time surely plays the role in healing.
    Thanks for the feedback, will built it upon next time. I did begin with tread but treading just seemed more synchronous to me.

  7. So true! Home will always be sweet to us, be it big or small.

    A good post and I just loved your Haiku. :)

  8. Dishita.. Good to see your page here.. I have experienced this recently..oh so very tough.. but then that's what makes life so very interesting.. THANK YOU FOR YOUR VISIT TO MY PAGE.. KEEP VISITING..

  9. That haiku amazingly done. I have moved overseas and you I still miss *home* even though it's not mine anymore

  10. @mindlovemisery: welcome back. Thanks for the encouraging comments.
    Talking about missing: I believe you only miss something you forget at certain time. :) Metallica song just heals my mind at this point of time.

  11. I enjoyed this post. It's nice to be able to create a home wherever we are.

  12. Dishita,

    East or West, Home is the Best. It is love which is attached to a place which makes it a HOME. But a time comes when one has to move on in pursuit of own dreams or goals. Where are you relocating to?

    Take care

  13. @Jack: Agreed. Moving from Ohio to Connecticut.


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