20 June, 2016


Some people are like morning cup of coffee/tea,
you could very well do without them,
But, Boy! don't they make you feel alive?

Some people fill up those spaces in you that you never knew existed,
Some people can take your mind to places that your eyes cannot.
They leave the imprint on your heart that you forget, who you were
before you met them.
Suddenly, you will draw apart from them.
Yes, you will be upset, angered by their departure.
But, when they return,
you don't waste time,
on asking why, when, where, what went wrong?
Rather, you crave
to get more of the smile on face and content to heart,
For, Its the only way, you have accepted to recognize them.

Sometime, someone rushes to be somewhere.
Wouldn't that be "some"time when that someone would be You and that
somewhere would be Me?

Iss pal ki ye guzaarish hai
Marna kyun, jee lena
Boondon ko pee lena
Hichki ruk jaane de
Siski tham jaane de
Tere hi sapno ki baarish hai
Paaniyon ko raste tu banaane de
Roshni ke pichhe khud ko jaane de
Kehta yeh pal
Khud se nikal
Jeete hain chal

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