06 March, 2017

Love You Zindagi

You know dear,
I barely ask you: How are you?
For i perceive you in ways more than i can find adjectives.
There is a unique way I feel loved by You.
When i step out into a vast blue sky,
when a radiant sun peeps through bushes,
when a cold breeze kisses my cheeks,
when a sudden gush of wind snuggles me,
when twilight colors mesmerizes me,
when the car trail lights bewilders me,
when the perfect round moon beams at me,
when stars twinkle at me.

My spirit finds it tranquility just by watching you, feeling you and appreciating your beauty in various forms.
It's that moment of feeling better about myself-If not love, what would it be?
Hence, I say Love You Zindagi.

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