04 July, 2010


Relations are unique.
You are born with few,
You get involved with few,
You develop a few,
and rest are the ones you just don't know what to name them.
However, such relations live a profound impact and influence on your lives.
A single moment of hearty connection with an individual can change your perspective of life.
Years down the memory lane when you visit them, you have nothing but to cherish those memories. And that is what i call Life worth lived!
Often when i brood about relations with my friends, family, relatives, and unknowns I recollect of a TV serial episode.
It is so strange, I can still remember the episode after years and i was so glad to find it on internet one fine day. So thought would store it.

Following is the video clip of one of my favorite episode of a TV serial called Rishtey (used to be telecasted on zee tv in the years when i grew up). Hope you guys like it too.

FYI: the episode is in Hindi! Sorry, I couldn't find subtitles.

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