20 July, 2010

You Need Life

Alright I have been reading a lot on this topic, you know you need a life when. it is.... .
So, what's my version?
Being a cleanliness freak, it feels better to organize my numbness in different places.

In my Room, I know it  is time when...
The walls of my room don't seem to be listening to my rants
Lights have started flickering responding to my gaze
The mattress has given up its elasticity to my butt fat [eew! too engineered!]

On Phone, I know it is time when....
I hallucinate for  missed calls.
I have changed the background theme back to what I had a week ago. [i believe in change!]
I flip the screen to get a melody out of it

On Facebook, I know it is time when....
I have refreshed the cookie of the day and Anita's predictions to what i would like to read.
I have shuffled enough to get a cheezy status message. [attention seeker!]
I have commented on each of the pics in notifications list.

In School, I know it is time when...
I get to greet the genators in computer labs irrespective of the day of the week
I see my advisor more than 8 times (equals1nce@hour)  in a day [am i in love???]
I find the most serious instructor's lecture hilarious.

On Internet, I know it is time when...
I have youtubed funny, wierd, and sad videos
I have read news about Lady Gaga, Snopp Dog and Lindsey Lohan. [common you like them too!]
I keep playing to get a highest score in bouncing balls and crazy taxi.

In Shopping mall, I know it is time when....
I believe the only place they have sales is Aeropostale, Gap, Holister and Abercombie.
I find the gay employee dancing in Forever21 and Express entertaining. [yes, i said Gay!]
I start feeling that Geetho look is cool.

In General, I know it is time when....
I start worrying about the oil spill and global warming
I make a resolution of going green for a week [Lol! its big time, imagine every morning in restroom]
I need a nap break at work which began at noon.

P.S: Bottom line, if you find any of the above things applicable in your life, shout I NEED LIFE.
JK(just kidding, what are you doing on my blog if you don't know abbreviations???), be proud, you are normal and you know whats going around in your life! ahaa, EUREKA isn't it??? so, now make your list and get yr attention window!

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