31 August, 2010


Isn’t Life like a exam?
Where you have ample set of Questions
You try your best to Answer them.
Sometimes you Answer what is right,
Sometimes you Answer what seems most appropriate,
Sometimes you Answer what is more likely to be true,
Sometimes you Answer for the sake of replying,   
And Sometimes you  just leave it blank.
What amuses me is amidst the multiple choice set of Answers
No matter how well you do your job to answer them
You just feel like a seventh grader attempting multiple choice questions
But we all forget the Question paper of life
Is never checked by anyone
Still  when you travel in relative time
You feel tempted to erase the choice you made and rewrite it
Thinking, duhhh! What was I thinking???
What a strange exam!
Where you are one who sets questions
Where you are the one who answers those questions
Where you are the one who grades those answers.

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