23 August, 2010

Don't You Just Love It

When your alarm is on its last snooze and just then you get the most dreamy sleep.
When you have stored a thing in a safe place and just when you need it, you can't find it.
When you change in closet and just when you step outside find the tag side in front.
When you reach grocery store and just then find the grocery list missing from your pocket.
When you had a steamy bath and just then you realize that you forgot to brush your teeth.
When you are so pissed off and just then you are expected to smile to ease the other person.
When you step out of exam hall and just then you recall the theory you wanted to write about.

When you are surrounded by assignments and just then you find 10 different things interesting.
When you carry your ID/Wallet everywhere and just when you need it out of blue its not there.
When you receive an unknown call at odd time and just then hear a commercial being played to you.

When you are excited of newly shopped things and just then find out its on discount price this week.
When you feel being 20+ is grown up and just then you are introduced as baby/ baba of blah & blah.
When you set to rest for an important meeting at work/school and just then sleeps seems to disappear.

When you are showcasing  newly brought clothes and just then your pal removes the size label from it.
When you manage to look cool,poise before someone attractive and just then get caught ogling at them.
When you have transferred the dirty laundry in dryer from washer and just then you fall short of a quarter.

When you are half way to your destination and just then it clicks that the important document/thing is at home.
When you managed get a ticket just when you exceeded 5miles instead of 10miles(which you do normally).
When you are all set to cuddle in your bed and just then you remember to turn off the lights in the room.

But regain yourself and say All Izz Well ! :)

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