20 February, 2011

ABC(live, love, laugh)

I once asked my love
Tell me something nice 
and out came the phrase
Dil mein mere hain dard-e-disco!
To my surprise my ears had no fumes
but my jaws busted into giggle.

Well, such is life.
Sudden and yet impressive.
They say three "L's" make life: Live, Laugh, Love
If you ask me 
That's lame!
Why the other 25 letters of ABC be left?
So let's begin!

Alcohol, Action , Argue
Blues, Bike, Baldness
Coffee, Computers, Cries
Diamonds, Dukes, Darkness
Emeralds, Enemy, Emmy's
Food, Facebook, Fuck
Gender,Game, Google
Horror, High pay, Hip-hop
 Iphone, Idk, Ice,
Jack n Jill, Jeopardy, Job
Karma, Knot, Kin
Lie,Loot, Lolz
Me, Money, Miami
Noting Hill, Ninga, No's
Ouuchh, Oh-no, Omg, 
Poker, Pull, Push-ups 
Questions, Quotes, Quilts
Rock, Radio, Rose
Sorry, Sex and Shit
Thorns, Tear(as in wear out), Thank you (bags;))
Umbrella(rhianna, oh sure), Unicorn, Universe(duhh)
Valet, Volleyball, V-necks
Wtf's, Weddings,Weather
Xmas, X-(bf,gf,worker), X(wrongs, close tabs)
Yin-yang, Yell, Yawn
Zip, Zodiac, Zzzzz

Now i have compiled a ABC of Life. 
See me when you get them memorized to your heart, 
For slow learners write it in your notebooks five times a day  ;)
Rest don't show me your face.


  1. This is hilarious and could be never ending.. :) great work D

  2. @ Vikram:Thanks. I like your list too but its just focused on technology ;)


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