16 March, 2011

shaadi ke ladoo

 My Dearest Newly Wedded Friends on FB,

Congratulations! Its a delight to see your wedding/engagement pics because

  1. I can now see the real spouse instead of the strong brain storming sessions of who was the last one you dated.
  2. Appreciate your guts of promoting your degradation from "once a master now a slave" role.

But i have hard time when your pics flood my news feed in the month of March. Isn't wedding season supoose to be in  nov-jan & may-jun?[atleast in my times it used to be ;)] Oh Ok, so i accept you wanna declare  are hooked but one pic is enough, isnt it?  I mean seriously, when will you actually use the free "Gmail-Picassa" account???  Or was it an attempt to make singles like me feel like looser and rubbing our asses(ab yehi baki reh gaya tha, gharwale kam the kya?). Since, I have been addicted to Pepsi, I am still convinced with its old slogan  "mere number bhi aayega" when i see such pics but the point here is it is way past the wedding season. So, will you get over that stupid game and on behalf of single's community on fb leave some space for other notifications? I know it sounds rude but I am writing here for a cause.

If you made this far,
I would appreciate you removing your pics,
Save FB,
-Singles Community

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