19 April, 2011

you got to be a gujju

You got to be a gujju to understand
  • why they feel proud of owning a business no matter they are  doctor, engineer by profession
  • why they accumulate grocery bags for reuse
  • why they got to have the longest conversation at the door while the guests are about to leave
  • why every friend of mom is your masi or mama and every friend of your father is your kaka or foi
  • why kids know their mama's place as the only summer vacation spot
  • why they keep yelling on telephone while having conversation with someone in india
  • why share index is read first thing in morning than newspaper
  • why they have craving of papdi no lot (khichu) , specially in navratri
  • why they emphasize inculcating hindu religion among their kids by saying jai shree krishna, jai ambe yet want their kids to study in convent/missionary schools 
  • why theplas/bhakris are must haves on picnics
  • why they got to have an extra freezer when they have a fridge
  • why snacks are called snakes and phone as fone
  • why they got to add sugar in every food item
  • why you take extra taco sauces and ketchup packs  to store at home 


  1. haha...We were like around 10 gujjus coming back from India, and we had a long halt at one of the airports. We decided to share our home made snakes... guess what every single mofo got? THEPLASSS...

    G U J J U, gujju gujju gujju...

  2. @bhavik: hhahha. i know, i recently went to a play and when i sat down we heard some tin opening followed by the aroma of thepla . Now you know why they banned food items in auditoriums.

  3. taro naam su che
    maro na anees manees suress che :p

    but kuch bhi bolo gujju chicks are awesome!

  4. @xyzandme: i thought yr name was xyz and me ;)

    You bet, aise hi thodi "dil lagi kudi gujarat ni" gana bana tha :P


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