14 June, 2011


Its the season of birthdays in my family. I am always excited for birthdays. May it be mine or the dears ones. 
I do not expect parties or surprise gifts for my birthday but i do wish to be greeted by certain people in my life. Personally, i wish the people close to me, duhh big deal? Well, yes partly it is. Why- i shall explain later. My family and relatives always look forward for my call on their birthdays. Naah, i do not do anything special, nor send them flowers or gifts. Its just that I was the first one to wish them and set the trend of wishing. Being, a girl i would not say flowers, gifts and cards does not  seem promising but simple things in life at right moment outstand those lavish tokens. Some of my friends say i stopped counting the candles after 25, oh boy!!! Its the spirit that matters right? In fact, in youth and abundance you attract crowd easily, it is after 25 or later that you shall seek for people who really care for you.
 So this year, I reminded few of my friends a week ahead of my birthday to make sure they call me on my B'day [ what an attention seeker!! oh well!!!] Often, I do use the phrase "Yaad rakhje or Yaad rakhna" (meaning Remember that). Not because, i wanted to be prove something or obligate the other person but with computers and ipods we have overlooked the basic things like birthday card or happy birthday tune still has the charm. 
“A little Consideration, a little Thought for Others, makes all the difference.”

Its not about remembering dates or days its about telling how remembering the other person was worth your time and specially "memory" (  it does not take even a 1gB of space ).
Yes, I have read a lot against this thought. For example some say, so you would count wishing on "day" more than the amount of care given everyday . But dude! common yaar its the "day" not everyday. Even ekta kapoor gives daily sops, would you remember those saas bahu drama or remember the event in which Aamir khan made his first public appearance for award? If you are the one who plays super lotto, would you remember each ticket you bought or the one in which you spent more or actually won?
See, the difference !

Life is about experiences, some you shall explore, some you shall adopt. The post wasn't meant for bragging about  me, but often times we learn things better from anecdotes.  Remember its all about making difference, someone will surely benefit reading it. ;)[day dreaming....]


  1. Dishita,

    It is the feeling which counts and not the gift. A simple wish in time means much more than anything. We may take care of someone all the time but it is birthday which surely needs to be remembered to wish that person. When is yours? If you do not mind, I would like to sent e card.

    Take care

  2. Jack,
    True its about feelings. That so considerate of you. Just FYI: Its 23rd may ;)

  3. Belated Happy B'day! :)
    Hope u enjoyed the day! :)

    Interesting and touching style of writing. :)

    Nice quote by Paulo Coelho. (previous post)
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. @chandrika: thank , yes i did.


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