21 June, 2011

Who wears the pants- who????

Recently, my mom had the "hot" discussion with the maid.
The maid demanded she be paid for the days mom calls it a day off, as its not her sick leave but forced vacation day. While i try to hold my cell phone in place to make sure i heard the words right,
and if my mom really mentioned maid talking about vacation/sick leave. [Don't give me the inhuman crap, i am not going there, nor shall you]
Trust me, I almost had to maintain my posture so that i did not slip down my couch out of amazement. Ahh then i remember seeing this particular comic.
So, you see its not about who wears the pants in the house anymore these days.
I guess the indian version of who wears the saree would be more appropriate.
Don't believe me, follow the links.

Plead 1
Plead 2
Plead 3
And the list is endless. But, na samaj ko ek nahin toh teen ishare toh kafi hone chaiye  ;)

For your part of shock: Try googling william sisters in saree. [After all, everything comes with a price ;)]

PS: I would say i owe google for the Image courtesies but the direct links in the post shall do the rest. Peace (read pisss) out!!!
I shall discuss about this in my next post.


  1. haha. I wouldn't go anywhere nea the maid-mom discussion too :D

  2. Richa,
    Glad, that you dropped by.
    Sometimes the things you run away from, embrace you. :)

  3. True that and I did googled ... It was a complete shocker :P
    Since when did Maids acting like IT people :D ...your mom should act like one strict manager :D

  4. Solitary writer,
    To your question of when - Ignorance is bliss ;)
    On your take of being strict: My friend quotes "majboori ka naam Mahatma Gandhi"

    Thanks for dropping by.

  5. It is true , maid may be an all powerful figure in the house cause she keeps the women happy, who in turn holds the rein of the house most of the time that is..

  6. And people still say its a men's world.
    Its a maid's world:D


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